Shift Click idle villager button

In the original version of AOEIII if you shift clicked the idle villager button or one of the resource gathers buttons it would select groups of villagers close to each other that were idle or all gathering that resource. I can’t seem to find that functionality in DE. I am being dumb or is it not there anymore? If it is removed then can we please have it back? It’s super useful for selecting a group of idle villagers who have all run out of trees or are stacked up at a mill with no room.


I’ve tried every key but it didn’t work and it sucks. That one feature would have saved lots of time. Idk if it’s there. If you find out please tell.

The legacy hotkey setup has a dedicated key for selecting all idle villagers (it’s been there since the original game), but it isn’t bound to anything by default. I assume the new grid hotkey system also has such a function, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

Update 5208 has fixed this issue and i think this thread should be closed. :slight_smile: