Shift Queue Issue With Resource Dropping

I also noticed this and it can screw gameplay up badly. Several times I have had to select and give new order to idling villagers with broken command queue at my town center in order to get them working.

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If you use the new waypoint behavior to give villagers orders and it includes dropping resources off at the TC, then the villagers just stop after dropping the resources. The shift queue is still present for subsequent order, so it’s a problem with TC interaction.

This doesn’t happen if the villagers already dropped off resources at another site. In that case they just pass through the TC.

Please fix ASAP.

Edit: Also the waypoint flags do not appear on the minimap (they did in HD). That is also an issue.


I was just going to posting this too. Besides this, I also noticed there is another bug: Attack Move order will break the command queue.

If you queue some Move orders to a unit and then you queue a Attack Move order to that unit, that unit will perform the Attack Move order instantly and ignore the Move orders.

Really appreciating the QoL improvements the devs have made so far despite there are still some bugs. Hoping they will be fixed eventually.


I think that is because attack move doesn’t actually queue, but overrides. Same with patrol. Maybe they didn’t change that behavior.

And yes, this system is definitely an improvement over the older one. The dev team did put in the effort, but things lack a certain polish. Hopefully, it will be added over time.

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The bug still exists in version 101.101.331640.0 4413571

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Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33164.0 4413571)
  • Platform (Steam)

Reproduction Steps:

Send a Vill to drop resources in TC, an after that send him to build a house. The house will never be built, and the Vill will forever stay there.
You can Queue command with lumbercamps or minecamps to drop resources with vills and then send them to do other thing, but with TC the queue command is broken.



Indeed, this bug is sometimes a huge issue with a lot of villagers inactive time.

Below is what I wrote during the beta about it (post does not exist since the release of the game).

Villager queue order bug after dropping resources in the town center

When I ask a villager carrying resources to drop them at the town center (i.e. by explicitly clicking on the town center while the villager carries resources) and then I queue another order (e.g. building a house) before he reaches the town center, the villager drops his resources at the town center and then stops at the town center.

On top of that, this villager does not become idle, even if he does nothing.

This bug does not appear if I ask the villager to drop his resources in a mill, mining/lumber camp and queue a similar order (i.e. the villager will drop his resources and then goes for the next queued order).
Reproduction Steps:

  1. have a town center and a lumber camp
  2. with a first villager, take a bit of wood
  3. ask this villager to drop these resources in the town center by right-clicking on the town center
  4. before the villager reaches the town center, queue another order like building a house
  5. the villager will deposit its wood at the town center, and not move, without being considered as idle
  6. test the same procedure with another villager, but deposit the wood in the lumber camp instead of the town center (the villager will deposit his wood, and then go constructing the house, as expected)

This was tested on the third scenario of William Wallace (see picture below).
The villager in the bottom was asked to drop the wood at the town center and to build a house. After dropping the wood, she is not doing anything, but you can see that she still wants to build a house and that I do not have any idle villager (look on the top bar).
The villager on the top correctly builds her house after dropping the wood in the lumber camp.


Hello, there’s an issue with action queue for villagers such that:

  1. You select villagers that are carrying resources
  2. Queue them to drop off at TC and queue them to do something else using shift right click.

By doing this we expect them to drop off resources and then sequentially carry on tasks in queue.
What actually happens is they drop resources off at TC then stay idle doing nothing, but they don’t appear as idle villagers.
This issue has been around even before the official release so I think devs should have a look at.

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Yeah a lot of the time they seem to take direct commands as queued ones. They won’t leave their tasks to build houses, for instance. A lot of the time random queue flags appear near units that have not been queued to do anything, and this is also probably related to the whole rams not attacking their targets thing as well. So much so wrong with this release.

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Yep apart from visual and audio upgrade, to be fair this game seems unpolished and issues are left unaddressed. Maybe they should hire better Project Managers/QA?

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How to Report a Bug in AOE2:DE

Shift Queue Issue With Resource Dropping

More games I have played, more shift queue glitches I have encountered.

When I only control one military unit, the shift queueing usually performs well; but when I control a group of units, the queued orders are usually failed to be executed.

For example, I ordered three monks to convert three enemies one by one, and then I shift ordered the three monks to move back. I expected I would see the monks converted enemies before they moved back. But they often just stopped converting and then moved back directly.

I am heavily dependent on shift queueing function to multitask when I am playing various RTS games. So I really hope this function will be polished soon.


I have this same bug and its killing me, literally. I just tried reinstalling my game and it didnt help.

(ryzen 3600x - 1060 6gb - 16gb ram)

Game Version:

  • Build (Since Launch and through all updates.)
  • Platform (Steam)


Shift tasking a villager to do anything at all involving a drop off to Town Center will result in the villager stopping at the town center and ignoring the rest of the commands.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Have a villager doing a task.
  2. Shift click command the villager to drop off at TC and then perform another task.
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Also they still have the command to stop what they are doing, that’s why they are not even considered idle. It seems like they are trying to move but fail to do that and keep on trying.

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Game Version:101.101.33315.0.4426672

  • steam


workers can’t shift build building after submitting resourse


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Currently shift queue is not at all implemented for military. You cannot shift queue attack commands or attack-move commands or patrol commands for them. (maybe guard and attack ground also don’t work but I didn’t test that.) I guess convert enemy also falls into the same category. The only thing that works for military is move commands followed by one attack command. After that they new shift attack commands are ignored or immediately switch targets before killing off the current unit. For monks you can shift queue to drop relics after picking up which is nice (and then shift queue to the next relic and so on).

But even drop relics often fails…
The problem is shift order is unstable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Currently I only use shift queue on my villagers, even so the queued orders sometimes fail.

I still hope shift queue can be completely polished. Look how many beautiful QoL improvements the devs have done! A completely functional shift queue can’t do more harm!

After further testing, it seems multiple attack-move commands can be shift-queued but nothing else can be mixed with them. So I can’t put move commands or attack commands before or after the attack move.

I hope so. For example Starcraft II has implemented shift queue for nearly every thing imaginable. You can shift queue waypoints for military buildings so that new units take a chosen path. Thinking about this, I think the military unit command card should come up when I press the set gather point button. Then I can set their stance and formation for newly created units from that building and also give them a attack move command. If one wants even more, pressing T (my hotkey for set gather point) followed by shift+1 should put new units in that control group.
You could shift queue garrison in rams/transport ships so that your units can quickly fill them without much micro.

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well I first noticed it when I gave shift queue to a villager to repair a couple of towers, a wall piece and then return to collect resources from a farm, he was stuck after fixing the first tower