Shinobi tweaking

So I made a tweak mod for shinobi.I haven’t published it yet, but I am doing personal testing.

First, I increased the training time from 22 seconds to 1 minute. This makes spamming shinobi less possible. I may increase it further.

Second, I increased the range from 16 to 64 on their blink. The ability is now VERY useful, and allows them to do more than just escape up and down cliffs.

Third I increased their move speed and their vision range to be on par with a scout.

Fourth, I increased their damage from 20 to 40 but I also decreased their attack recharge speed by 100% and transferred their attack wind up time to their attack wind down time. This preserves their total dps, but makes them far burstier.

Fifth, I allowed them to path through friendly units. This ensures that when 2 or more shinobi are ordered to attack a villager or other unit, they both land attacks without blocking each other.

Sixth I allowed them to attack while moving. Small change, but it allows them to get in attacks while pursuing without sacrificing move time. Basically it makes them stick to targets they are assigned to. NO ESCAPE!

Seventh, I lowered their health. This makes them easier to counter.

The result is a shinobi that is very OP but also rarer than normal shinobi. They are expensive in terms of time, and they pose a serious threat that requires specific tactics to counter. They can actually assassinate targets now, and if you dont make units that can counter them, they will kill you. That said, military units can counter them easier now. The burstiness does not affect 1v1 combat, since 40 damage is not enough to drop most military units. Burstiness only comes into effect in 3v3 shinobi vs other units, but after 5v5, the reduced health of the shinobi begins to take its toll on their effectiveness.

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There’s a toggle for that or was it a more complex thing? How does it look animation wise?

Animation wise it looks like a much faster strike followed by a slow wave. it looks ok. it is different, but its cool in its own way. It doesn’t look bad.

Its not a toggle, its 4 separate integers you have to manually set at specific multiples of .125 seconds.

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