Ships and wind

In AOE 3 every ship had a flag of the faction above it.

If AOE 4 has ships, the game can add more depth by adding wind and how ships react on it.
Giving ships a speed bonus or speed penalty, players have to think about the wind and the size of the ship for positioning.

A player might have the advantage if he has a favorable wind but runs the risk if he has to retreat while in a ambush or close to the enemy harbor.

The wind and maybe other weather options must be taken into account while positioning a fleet.
During the match the wind direction and weather might change bij example every 10 to 15 minutes.

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Plot twist: vanilla AoE IV will not have naval warfare. Don’t ask me why, but I have a feeling about this possibility. Hope I’m wrong…

I get your feeling, it is actually more than just a feeling I guess, considering that in the gameplay trailer we saw no naval gameplay at all. That should say something.
It would be very odd for an Age game on one hand, but on the other it would also mean that the rest of the game will have great depth.


Quoting a part from a pcgamesn interview.
I have no clue what is this new thing that Isgreen is talking about here, but I bet ‘no naval gameplay’ is something that would put a lot of folks into those seven stages of grief.

The fun thing is, we’ll have something new in Age IV, and at first it’s like the seven stages of grief where players are like ‘how could you change this? This wasn’t in the previous games!’ and then they’re like ‘yeah, you know what? This is better.’ (…) There are decisions we have to make that we will make with as much of the community as we can, but obviously there will be some that we’ll just have to be like, ‘trust us, guys’.

No Vikings or Italians then.

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Inplace of naval warfare;
Maybe they will give rise to ’Cart’-Warplays
Basicaly Ships becomes carts, and ships on wheel can interact, pick up and transport both settlers and units etc.

In practice

Maybe the Static buildings & Mobile Carts could both have various spots for settlers & units, for hiding and assisting;
x spots for garrisoning of settlers/infantry
y spots for patrol-guard of infantry primarly, settlers secondly.

Like we saw in the trailer for AoE IV; Patrol guard would be units participating in defending the actual building or cart.