Ships get stuck near shore and docks

Game version:

  • Build: 46777
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating system: Windows 10


Ships get stuck between shores and docks when there is plenty of space for them to cross through.



Expected result:

That ships have a collision size relative to their dimensions, rather than having an excessively large collision for their size.

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There isn’t enough space there for large ships to pass through. The building footprint is larger than the dock model. If you select the buildings you will see that the layout doesn’t allow the ships to sail.

For preventing things like this, the grid mod can be quite useful.


It is best to set a waypoint for the port so that this does not happen.

the hitbox of the ships is larger, unfortunately than the path they might take

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If your last comment was referring to me - for example, in the last case, if you set a waypoint to the north, the ship would be created heading directly north and thus not conflict with the bottleneck in the first place.
If you didn’t mean me, I didn’t say anything. :sweat_smile:

Many greetings.

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