Shogun mechanic/hero

So the japanese have bannermen. However bannermen are no better than normal units (and sometimes worse) and aside from splitting forces (which is a bad idea) there is no reason to have more than 2 bannermen of each type in a ball.

So, why not introduce a mechanic that rewards having multiple bannermen in a way that does not scale with the number of troops in an army?

Enter the shogun. A hero unit that scales in power and command with the number of active soldiers who are affected by bannermen, as well as the number of bannermen affecting said soldiers. This ensures that japanese players bring as many bannermen to the fight as they can for their shogun, and they don’t leave bannermen home to protect them. Oh no. The bannermen ride with the shogun to battle!

The shogun is a buffing hero as well, so no going out with a lone shogun to play ninja. That is the job of the shinobi! The shogun heals troops, increases movement speed, calls new ronin to replace fallen samurai, and renew soldiers deflection periodically in combat.