Shotel Warrior possible buff for historical accuracy?

I’ll start by saying that I love the Ethiopians they are one of my favourite civs.

But I have seen online that shotels were designed for and historically were used for hooking attacks on cavalry where they could even pull the mounted opponents off of horses and hook around shields etc.

Perhaps a small cavalry attack bonus is in order?

The effects were supposed to be “devastating” to mounted cavalry but I think a small bonus against cav could be good mainly for historical accuracy.

The unit would still be weak as a frontline fighter and fighting against paladins would still be a bad idea for them. They would still have there extreme vulnerability to any kind of ranged unit so I feel they would still be balanced in my opinion.

What do you think?

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Shotel don’t need any buff at all, actually they need a nerf. They are insane infantry that can melt buildings and kill everything so fast, and can be flooded ez with their UT (Shotels train almost instantly).


Maybe reducing the base attack a little, and give shotel a “charge” attack only usable in cavalry units, trying to mimic the hooking attack.
Another idea could be that this “charge” ignores armor, of course attack base should be reduced too…
I like Shotel as it is, but have no problem to add a new mechanic to them…

Well first: buff for historical accuracy = bad idea.

Second, if Shotels are definitely in need of a buff then I think it’s a cool niche. But i would take away free pikemen upgrade as a counter balance, since the Ethiopians are already quite good.


Do you understand that ethiopians is already one of the strongest civs in game?
Hence to buff shotels you need to nerf ethiopians somewhere else.
I don’t think it’s good idea.

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I agree…

Well almost anything ranged would be devastating to cavalry irl since horses are quite a bigger target than foot soldiers. And yet xbows in-game aren’t anti cav units.

Funnily enough with its high base attack an elite shotel deals the same damage to cav as a Viking champ after chieftains, and only one less than a berserk.