Should advanced mills, estates and market cards come with a wagon?

I feel that of all the advanced cards, these are the least used. Considering the other three (trade post, arsenal and dock) provide enough benefits as they are, should the first ones come also with a wagon while reatining their effects, so at least you can save the wood cost of the building?


Or maybe we can just increase the limit of civilians working at the mills, plantations like 10 to 15.
So it will be same in terms of reducing the cost like you suggested.
And personally, I think it is more suitable to the name of the cards - ‘Advanced’.


It will be used more often if the card gives one wagon or another option.

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You shouldn’t be maxing out villies on mills and plantations. 7 is about the maximum you should task.

I personally put land grab in every deck. When I see the switch to mills and plantations coming, I send it. It has a decent bonus and saves around 2k wood.

But yeah, the advanced cards should grant a wagon. Just like some asian cards that grant 5% or so gathering also grant a wagon.

I think there was some misunderstading. What I said is 10(current maximum) to 15. not add 10-15 limit to current one.
Anyway, I agree with the idea of just adding one wagon for the card. It’s the easiest way, anyway.

What i am saying is that boosting max villies beyond 10 is worthless as they will bump into each other while moving to collect stuff around. This is why you shouldn’t be maxing out the 10 villies as it is.

Well, in that case, I presumed that Devs will fix it so it can be fine with 15 villies.
That’s what game developers do, so.

Once the settlers do not move and constantly produce resources, it will be a sufficient buff.

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There are youtube videos analysing this very question and showing that this is more of a myth than reality

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Very good idea. Some asian civs have that and those cards arent broken too, so it would make never used cards usable (which i think is great)

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