Should Age of Mythology Retold have unit pathfinding like Starcraft 2's unit pathfinding? Flocking/Swarm AI

Should Age of Mythology Retold have unit pathfinding like Starcraft 2’s unit pathfinding?
I read somewhere that it’s called Flocking/Swarm AI.

Should a game replace its pathfinding to resemble pathfinding from a flawed 20 years old game? No.

I have no idea what this means. Explain for those of us who don’t buy Blizzard games?

Given how important pathfinding is for RTS, it is absolutely essential that the devs double and triple check exactly whether the community would rather have it either improved or stay the same.

Improving it might greatly improve the experience of new/returning players, while annoying more long term competitive players and vice versa with leaving it the same.

I just played AoE4 for the first time today, and I noticed it had some pathfinding similarities to SC2 in that when you order a unit to move to the other side of a group of unselected units it will move through the group and units in the group will move out of the way for that unit. Although unlike in SC2 I think in AoE4 the units in the group actually return to their exact position afterwards. (I’m not certain of this)

This is different to AoE3 DE and AoE2 DE, which I think is a bit clunkier in how units collide with other units, in that they will go around other units instead of through/instead of unselected units moving out of the way for them.

I don’t know what most people’s preferences are with this though.