Should all generic Royal Guard units be re-skinned?

I do feel that since now almost every civ can get a 15%/15% card (or equivalent, with smaller numbers but other effects as a compensate) for most of their infantry and cavalry, the old 15%/15% cards feel less interesting and less unique.
Especially musketeers. Most European civs have a musketeer card now to catch up with the power creep of musketeer type units. British and Portuguese ones are still strong (because you can get two 15% cards early) but…again less interesting and less unique. Same applies to several other old civs.

So it is a really good chance to introduce some unique mechanics through RG upgrades.


Well, it’s hard not to end up talking about stats when civilizations like Mexico have musketeers with area damage. A change of appearance is fine, but they could improve in other aspects to make them more unique.

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Haha thanks for bringing us back on topic :laughing: (but I don’t mind a little deviation)

What time period should be the limit for Imperial Age Uniforms?

Vote below…

  • 1850s
  • 1860s
  • 1870s
  • 1880s
  • 1890s

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P.s. I dont know how accurate the uniforms are i just guessed and got most of them from this mod

Would prefer everything on or before 1850. As designs seems to look a bit too modern. Especially since some Royal house units already look close to modern.

Which Royal House units look too modern for you?

Oldenburg skirmisher. Check it out, Looks like a German storm trooper ww1

Oldenburg skirmisher is the royal huntsman. It has a very late 17th early 18th uniform…
If you’re talking about the musketeer, that’s a typical Russian infantry in 19th century.


Oh crap might have mixed up. There are too many units in this game to remember, Might have to play more maps to remember which one they are. But i do remember that they wear a trench coat and a cool hat that 1930s> officers use.

Is this the unit you mean - the Northern Musketeer? They maybe look a little bit more contemporary but they are a relatively weak unit as musketeers go. I’d love to see the Russian get more access to them at some point in a future patch/update. Maybe through a new home city card like the France’s Ancien Régime card that allows the training of troops from the House of Bourbon.

I wish they didn’t give them such a stupid name. They’re clearly supposed to be Opolcheniye so they could have called them that.


the problem is that they are european musketeers and over time there has been added more and more musket infantry that out does them.

I think that’s why a lot of the community wouldn’t mind a rework of some of the vanilla civs, to Ottoman standards.

I know this is a bit off topic but do you think that British manor houses should be given a re-skin to show that they are different to normal houses??

I mean the Dutch setters got a whole re-skin and re-name just because of there coin cost.


Yeah, I’ve always thought that. The only issue is that manor houses were always quite grand and tons of them would be out of place. I’d totally change Manor Houses to Cottages.


Yeah that seems a sweet idea. I believe to classify as a Manor House a house needs to have over 6 (ish) bedrooms and be at least 5,000 square feet. In addition to that you’re meant to have lawn and garden too. A a cottage would be much smaller and easier to design.

This is just an idea but do you think that “cottages” should only give 5 population space, have less hit points but have double the build limit. Their cost could be 110 wood and they would still produce a settler on completion. This would allow British players to continue booming well into the Industrial Age but make them constantly wood dependant.

Maybe to balance this you remove all villager Home City shipments from the British deck so that they have to send more Cottage (manor) related ones instead…


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That is an interesting suggestion! I don’t know if losing village shipments or the 5 pop space is too extreme however that seems like less cost balances out somewhat (though I’m not balance expert!).

I certainly think some house-related shipments should be combined with each other or even with some other eco cards to focus more on the whole Manor-building trait the British have.

I definitely think though minor in the grand scheme of things, Manor houses deserve some unique model, considering even the standard Dutch and Ottoman villagers have had a graphical face-lift despite being essentially the same. Also it goes without saying that they should be Cottages which are just as quintessential as a Manor - far more realistic that your common settlers are popping out of more modest dwellings that a huge snooty Manor!

With the Cottage house in mind and your lower pop space in mind, maybe the current ‘Terraced Houses’ shipment can be modified by 1. Aesthetically changing the Cottages to 'Townhouses (tall Victorian brickwork houses) 2. Give some sort of eco bonus for Townhouses grouped together (thereby being ‘Terraced’), 3. Brings the pop space and building HP back to standard Euro house stats + retain the Settler-training the current Card enables (as well as it’s availability in the Industrial Age).

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This may make the British overly reliant on wood which is quite hard to gather at the best of times. Maybe give them some extra wood bonus cards like; an infinite 1000 wood card in the industrial age, a deforestation type card that increases wood gather rates by a lot, or an “mangrove” like shipment (maybe called “Hearts of Oak”). Either way this will be nice to encourage British players to boom across the map seizing control of all forests whilst leaving its villages overly exposed.