Should american water maps have water treasures?

I always thought that one of the things TAD should’ve added is water treasures in the american maps, not only in asian ones. I know balance probably would change on those maps, but it strikes me as rather odd to have treasures on some maps and then having others like Caribbean, Hispaniola, Amazon, Araucania, New England and many others where it wouldn’t just be interesting from a gameplay perspective but also have a historical background. Also, I’d love to see caravels, privateers and native canoes defending some nice treasures in the original maps.

Do you think water treasure should be added to other maps?


Of course they should. I even wish to have water trade routes.


Some new African maps have sea trade routes! Super excited!


Amazing! Can you make screenshot, please?

That’s very cool and thank you for sharing screenshots! :slight_smile:

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They have water treasures too!



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yes. its strange it wasn’t added to legacy maps in tad, and its stranger still old maps haven’t been updated yet. I hope the new water trade routes are also added in as well.

Yes please! I’ve wanted this since TAD came out. :<

The AoE3 Improvement Mod has had water treasures for a long time, i even added logic to the ai so they can collect them.