Should Burmese get a new team bonus?

Since now with free carto in dark age if they could see relics, every ally should be able to do as well, making their team bonus redundant?


No. The current team bonus is not redundant because it lets them see relics on the map. If they get something else, everyone loses the ability to see relics. The “team” part of the team bonus is the only thing that became redundant now. It is still a good bonus.

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I think the idea is to make it a normal civ bonus instead.


Making this bonus a civ bonus won’t make any difference.


The thing is that vietnamese civ bonus is shared the same as burmese teambonus. Hence, the topic. Which is an opportunity for buffing them, btw

I wouldnt mind extra LOS for monks or mangonels

And in Reddit someone suggested extra 3 LOS for resource camps, which is neat imho


You are asking to make the Aztecs, Burgundians, and especially, the Lithuanian relic bonuses absurdly too easy to get, getting relics is something that relies on how good you scout the map, if everyone gets such advantage=these relic bonuses become too easy to gain.

Burmese cannot be fixed by adding a balanced team bonus.

These are not what Burmese need. It won’t make a difference.

I’m not sure what you mean but I’m guessing you didn’t understand what the topic is about.

If any change is made, I’d rather suggest limit Gurjaras faster production to camel only. And give faster elephant production to Burmese. And EA can be added to Burmese in the future.


burmese need more than one teambonus as you said. Teambonuses usually are not that strong (except the faster building working rate ones, maybe). But it is worth proposing teambonuses besides any other buff

Oh, yes, I remember being sad after seeing gurjaras with faster elephant production, because I wanted that for burmese or vietnamese!
Burmese EA sounds fun, I agree. And more useful that their current CA.


Indeed that’s the intention. The bonus, as a team bonus, is redundant at the current state of the game. It opens space to tweak burmese.

A reminder that devs might not make drastic changes as they prefer small steps.


Well, Burmese gets a change in almost every patch. There is a possibility they will do a massive change to Burmese and call it a day instead of changing once every 4 months.