Should Georgians and Armenians get Camels?

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This guy would have been it’s unique unit. 11

As per the below map armenia is located in the right place.Map fits with most of the ingame civis.

Shah Armen is real Armenia in that map.

Tbh even then the design is riduculous. Armenians could have been an archer/siege civ with decrmt cav and that would have been more historucally accurate and more unique than an infantry/naval civ

And also, just better because the current civ cant use its infantry bonuses because its way too expensive

At least the civ seems to be in need of some kind of buff or tweak. I hope they don’t waste the oportunity by pushing further into their infantry identity.


Tbh I thijk early infantry techs should be a bonus that includes a discount, but honestly even beyond that the tech tree is just way too bad, I hope they at least get plate barding armour abd siege engineers

Camel distribution for Civs seems to be based on the range of Camels IRL (Hence China happens to get them), with Georgians and Armenians being the only exceptipn for whatever reason

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