Should I wait for AoE 3 De or get AoE 3

I Had AoE 3 which I used to play alot and loved it then I got AoE3 complete collection which I never got a chance to cause it my Pc then sucked today I have laptop without CD drive so I once again Cant play . Then I thought Lets get it on steam but with the new DE version coming out Idk should II wait more or get the old one???

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Alternative option: you could shop around and order an external CD/DVD driver online, especially if you have more games and/or movies you’re not ready to give up on yet.

Yeah but at the same time Steam Support is nice and getting updates and I guess it has better Multiplayer also?

Nah aoe3 in steam is dead in terms of support, and multiplayer is a exploit fest. Just wait for the DE.


I would wait unless there’s a steam sale going on and you can get it for a few bucks. Otherwise in a couple months you’ll be trying to decide if it’s worth it to get the DE having just spent money on the original.

There has literally never been an update for the game released on Steam. It’s the exact same game, distributed in digital form. Multiplayer is also the same and “crossplay” is possible (since it’s not actually a different version of the game in the first place, as mentioned).


The new one gets better game experience why not?

Uhm, I would wait for the DEd edition

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I’d wait. Its possible it has new stuff in addition to looking better. It’ll feel real bad if you get it and then when things get announced and shown off in coming months you see stuff you like and would have to buy it again.

wait for de.prob they will fix bugs(of course they will improve graphics.)