Should Kamandaran be replaced?

Kamandaran seems out of place due to the upcoming release of the Mountain Royals DLC. Replacing the gold cost with an additional wood cost seems redundant. Persian cavalry units can now generate 5 gold per enemy military unit killed. On the other hand, it can save them gold for other units, but still seems somewhat wasteful.

Granted, changing the Kamandaran tech might give the Persians too much of a power creep. It possibly could be left as a semi-useless tech. It can still be useful in very rich wood environment such as black forest. It could be useful in team gains to save gold on other units when you have many lumberjacks on a rich wood map.

On maps where wood is limited such as Arabia, I don’t think this tech would be very useful. On black forest you can afford to use Kamandaran archers as cannon fodder. But on maps with sparse trees you can’t.

The 5 gold per kill won’t make them get gold indefinitely. Its just a mid game boost. If you don’t fight Persians, their eco will grow faster. If you do fight them they’ll get gold and get the better trade if its an equal fight. Makes gameplan against them more complicated. Kamandaran still fits their late game. You could argue its too much for a civ that’s going to be very strong and could be left out. But its neither too strong in general nor unusable on Arabia. Arabia still has plenty of wood sufficient for 2 hrs of a tight game.

The thing I wonder is whether Kamandaran could be changed to apply to CA. But I’ll wait and see how things play out.

If it affect CA then it’s too OP. Trash CA that could gain gold by kill military is too much.

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