Should Magyars get Winged Hussars too?

To emphasize their cavalry specialty.

Yes or no?

  • Yes
  • No

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They have both blast furnace and plate barding armor. Plus it will undermine their unit castle unit. The Magyars are not Polish or Lithuanian.


You can make a pool if you want… People are more likely to click on a pool option than writing a comment.

For me:

  • should they ? I dont know.
  • Do I want ? Absolutely not
  • like @BomberGriffin said, if they do get it, it will require balancing. Winged Hussars with PBArmor + Blast Furnace + discount sounds broken

I’d prefere them to get a dark age or eco bonus of some sort instead of late game buffs that they don’t need

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Giving the Magyars Winged Hussars would mess with the identity of Magyar Huszars a bit, I think, given both have highly specialized bonuses and are stronger than normal Hussars.

I want them to remove the wings from every other type of Hussar, Both normal Hussar and Magyar Hussar have wings for some reason, despite the fact they weren’t common at all.


The Winged Hussar is to represent the Polish-Lithuanian alliance. As far as I am aware, Magyars are neither Polish nor Lithuanian.

Steppe Lancer on the other hand…that they have a claim to.

Same. Especially for the civs that have nothing to do with Eastern Europe. Like Berbers, Hindustanis, Burmese etc etc.


I really love this idea. I am not sure why Magyar Huszar have wings