Should Mantlets Have The Deflection Ability?

I think it’d be pretty flavorful for a unit with a giant shield to protect nearby units and It’d make both mantlet units a bit more useful.


Or absorb incoming damage directed to other friendly units. Both effects are fit Mantlets’ role!

I don’t know why Maltese and Italian units got these effects in the first place. =\

Yes absolutely! That could made them very useful for siege. They can protect your infantry while sieging down enemy defence.

There are so many old units that could benefit from new features like charged attacks and stuff like that too.

Warwagons also need the deflect ability!

They just come up with the idea while working on those civs so they used it there.

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It’s just that, sometimes, I just feel that the game is cluttered with unnecessary special effects: not everything needs having a magical power. I REALLY wish they hit the break and slow it down on that. Why going further and further and further every single time? The extraordinary becomes the ordinary and then you need to go further for a new thing. You see where I’m going?

Don’t take me wrong: I love new civs, new units, FE’s creativity is amazing as well as their effort etc etc etc, but after a while away, when I reinstalled the game and played KOTM I felt overwhelmed for a while. It didn’t feel like Age of Empires 3.

It felt like a moba (stuns, speed up, towers becoming mobile cannons, stables teleporting units, Mirror Force Knights, Mexican farms giving birth to everything, unique units being given away more than cars owned by Oprah… and the list goes on). And I personally want to play AOE and not World of Warcraft.


I don’t think so, it would be interesting to have more abilities and skills, and it also proves that the development team is serious about making dlc instead of just changing the data to fool everyone into buying

If it suits it and it’s strategic: yes. But my point is: if you are just doing it on everything for the sake of being unique so absolutely it’s not.

And I think it’s time to think a bit on that and decide if that’s the direction we want AOE3 to be recognized by. Because right now, we are at the crossroads of that.
I don’t want the special effects gone, but I also don’t want them randomly applied every time, because then it would ironically go exactly against what you said:

it also proves that the development team is serious about making dlc instead of just changing the data to fool everyone into buying

And by the way: most factions had data changing in Legacy, aside of TAD. And it’s been working pretty well for almost two decades.


Not every one has one.
If they wouldn’t add new unique mechanics the new units would barely be different from old units.
A crossbow that costs 20% more but is also 20% stronger is boring.
A crossbow that has different resistances depending on stance doesn’t completely change the game but it makes the unit more interesting.

But I see that there is a unbalance in unique ness between old and new.
And that’s why we want some old units to get some of the new mechanics too.


I’m refering to the overall feeling of some cards, units and civs. I’m not being literal. I just wish they slow it down a tad bit. There is beauty in simplicity (that’s why I enjoy KOTM better than Mexico).

But anyway, this is a hot topic for discussion (and might create a new one just to talk about that), and if we go any further we’ll be hijacking the disccusion started by our friend here.
So let just focus on Mantlets and buffs for now. :sweat_smile:

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I think AoE3 has just become the testing ground for mechanics for future games. It seems like they’re throwing in anything and everything in the hopes of seeing what new features might be a hit. That may also be the main reason we’re getting so much new stuff so it seems like a good thing overall.

Hopefully that means we’ll get an AoE5 game that’s more than just a clone of AoE2 like AoE4 turned out to be.


War Wagons and Tercio Pikemen should also have it.