Should Mayans have supplies to have a chance against Goths?

Mayans lack champion upgrade - they only get 2-handers. They don’t have supplies either.
Britons get FU champions with supplies. Britons have better options against Goths post imp.

Mayans lost supplies in one of the recent patches. Should Mayans get supplies in order to somewhat have an option to counter Huskarls from Goth?

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I think it’s fine that some civs just hard-counter others, and Mayans vs Goths isn’t the only match-up like that.

Goths get wrecked by most infantry civs as an example.


They have Healthy Eagles, and those easily beat Huskarls.

The Huskarl’s Melee is overrated, it actually loses 1v1 against anything that is not a Spearman line unit, and the Huskarl itself is more like a fast-moving melee Skirmisher, than a proper Melee unit to win engagements against other frontliners.

Mayan El Dorado Eagles should do fine against Goths. Plumes also kill all Goths Infantry quickly, due to bonus damage.


Did you test that first?

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No, because Mayan El Dorado elite eagle warriors do very well against goths, plus Mayans have good siege options and can kite well with plumed archers. They do fine against goths from my experience.


Yes, all Eagles beat Hurkarls easily.

Only Mayan Eagles.


Mayan Eagles get beaten by Goth Champions, but Champions get beaten by Heavy Scorpions. I don’t think this is a good matchup for traditional mayan archer builds though.

Seriously, when Supplies came out, no one looked at the tech thinking “Wow, Mayans can counter Goths now”. It don’t think the presence of the tech change the matchup at all. I guess it would make mayan longswords somewhat competitive in this matchup for castle age, but if there are no huskarls yet just use archers.


I actually support this because it would help them with more than just goths. Helps them counter Aztec eagles. It’s not like giving them siege onager or anything, if you’re in a situation where you think you actually need mayan 2h swordsmen, I don’t see the harm in mayans having it. It’d be a very small change and while ideally mayans dont make swordsmen at all, they’re far more cost effective than eagles in post imp in certain matchups (such as against goths, aztecs, malians)
The trade between eagles and huskarls still isn’t ideal since husks have a bonus against eagles, and it boils down to Plumes and Eagles vs Huskarls and Champions. Champions are slower, but if the huskarls bullet for the plumes and force the eagles to engage, the champions sandwich in too - and goth player has more behind this so bye bye eagles.

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they had supplies before and it made no difference, mayans have no answer to huskarls if there is no damage done before mid-castle age


oh no, arguably the best civ in the game has a few bad matchups, we need to fix this so they can be even stronger.
no thanks.

should we buff goths so they don’t get hard countered by vikings, aztecs, teutons, etc?
should we buff all the various archer civs so they don’t get hard countered by goths?
see where i am going with this?


No. In all open maps, Mayans could beat Goths quite easily with eagles and plums.


That’s too far.
Mayans Eagles win against Huskarls.
Aztec Eagles in somewhat even.
Incan Eagles lose against Huskarls.

We should also consider that while the cost in those fights is the same, Eagles are more gold intensive.

I also think Mayans should not get supplies. The arguments have already been mentioned.
They are not as bad against Goths as people think they are.
They don’t need every matchup to be good (it is already dangerously close to that).

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Goth Champions are also specially vulnerable to Archers, so the Plumes will have a field day with them.

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If you buff the HC for all civs, it would have this effect.


Or just make 100 arbalesters with obsidian arrows then destroy all their barracks in 30 seconds so they cant make huskarls in the first place.

Mayans dont need buffs…they are very strong.


Completely agree with this. I usually don’t think it’s cool that entire civs get hard countered but when we’re talking about “arguably the best” then it’s ok

I still think Ethiopia has a harder time than mayans in imperial. And ethiopia is considerably weaker for the rest of the game vs most other civs.


I am, honestly.
There is 35 of them, so this is bound to happen. Still not as lopsided as Starcraft 2 winrates.

Mayans have the best eagles in the game, they wreck aztecs eagle. Plumes do very well against them too

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