Should Portugal get a Feitoria with the Age Up?

Instead of the town center, should Portugal receive a Feitoria/Small Fortress instead?

The Portuguese expansion was never focused on constructing towns, but Fleets, Feitorias and Fortresses.



While it is very appropriate historically, replacing TC with TP (even if fortified) would end up being an economic nerf.
But one thing I’m sure the Portuguese politicians need to be revised, by the should be added one or two that give naval incentives (ships or free improvements) to the Portuguese player.

What if, the fortified trade post card shipped a feitoria, with extra hp and attack? Instead of that wooden building a proper Feitoria?

I would like the see a Unique Ship for Ports, since Caravel is not an unique unit, maybe Carrack/Nau, that could train Fuzileiros


Lo de feitorias como mini factorías fortificadas seria genial, y que pudiesen ser construidas por el explorador (con un numero muy limitado claro)


Would certanly make it unique, and give that bit of historical flavour that Portugal is desperately missing.

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I think that Portuguese are in a desperate need of the card treatment that Spanish, British, Aztecs and Chinese got. Right now, they feel like the dullest civ and is one of the weakest according to most pros…


Seria ótimo termos feitorias como essas mas não sei eles conseguem adapta-las para ser um edificio unico substituto do Trading Post, até pela questão do tamanho dos soquetes.
A ideia de um navio unico é muito apropriada, mas ainda sinto que a marinha portuguesa precisa de um cartão para fazer dela ainda mais especial como a marinha inglesa e espanhola o são, em termos de combatividade a marinha portuguesa é tão comum no jogo quanto a marinha francesa e alemã que de fato nunca foram grandes potencias maritimas.


While the macro mechanics of the civ might be a bit too much to change (not a fan of the free TC with the age up) it does need a serious glow up.

Still i would replace it for something else, to make it a turtle civ, as it was.

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