Should saracen's camels be buffed?


  1. You can sell your stone and have a very fast castle age
  2. With the Market bonus you can do crazy all in strategies
  3. Markets are cheaper so you can place 1 of your production buildings much easier
  4. You manipulate your opponent’s prizes, basically he won’t able to use the Market effectively

imo very situational(1,2,4), and varies wildly with skill level (especially no4)…

especially when we compare to things like 30% archer discount, no houses, vils carry +5 extra resources, free hand cart, 10% farming…

and yeah it was an exageration of no eco bonus, but it sure isnt a powerful one, imo saracens are similar to chinese (but weaker obviously) in that they get harder to use on lower skill levels, yet have the added holes as well


this literally only saves you something like 750 wood

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It also allows for a brutally quick Fast Castle into Monks or Knights.

Saracens get FU knights and arbs, why would you want to switch to camels? Even Indians are forced into camels in castle age and they mostly suck


Which is pretty significant + the vill time you saved by not building houses


But compared to say the Indians bonuses? or the Slavs bonus? or Celts wood bonus? or Teutons Farm bonus? list goes on and on.

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the real bonus huns get is their friggen cheap cav archers.

Because you don’t want an army you can’t upgrade in imperial age

that’s why you go arbs or cav archers. both of which are really good for saracens.

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Camels and knights have the same upgrades and the same building, dont see the problem in Knights to Camels play.


Saracens have one of the best Knight Rushes in the game, however, since they can actually race most other civs to the Castle Age, and start pumping out Knights sooner.

Not only that, but their upgrades translate to Hussars, Heavy Camels, Mamelukes and partially to Heavy Cavalry Archers in the Imperial Age.

To be quite honest here, if I was going to buff Saracens, I would just give them Shipwright, as it is the only thing keeping them from a passable Water civ, since they already have good Galley line units.

So Saracens camels are almost equal to the best camels in the game? Equal vs Halbs (both should win with 1 hit left), and actually better vs the other unit you will likely be fighting (cavalier, both kill in 6 hits but the sara HC can tank 1 more hit). And is easier to get to (100 more gold but way less food, 50 second vs 125! second research time, and can be researched simultaneously with heavy camel).

Not sure I see the problem.

The Saracens bonus for their archers is 1000% better than the Celts Woad Raiders/faster infantry.

So your post didn’t really convince me, but the stats say Saracens need a buff so I guess it’s fine, and it probably wouldn’t make a huge difference imo, you still wouldn’t be overly keen to go camels. Reducing the trading fee to 0 might be a better buff.

And never getting housed. Huns is literally the #2 WR 1v1 civ on this patch, I’m guessing a fair number of players don’t go CA with them. The no house bonus is MASSIVE!

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I doubt that since the siege xbows only put in work against greedy builds like FC or boomers. Celt M@a rush is top tier


When all levels of player is considered. and despite, as you claim, them being #2, they are well within the balanced win-rate. there is nothing Overpowered going on. heck Huns don’t even see as much tournament play as they used to see.

massive? no. Massive is saving 10-30% on all archers you make AND your resources lasting 15% longer.

Not really, Siege Archers in Feudal counter the biggest opponent to Archer Rushes: Pallisade Walls and Houses.

Saracens have an amazing Feudal Archer Rush, or Fast Castle Knight/Monk Rush, due to their bonii.

If anything, Saracens need help on Water.

It’s hard to quantify considering all the vill time you save

Skirms are the biggest counter and the bonus does nothing to help against that


It’s still better than using camels as knight replacement

You cannot be serious


No one said overpowered, please don’t put words in my mouth.

When you have a pretty bad tech tree and only 1 other “eco” bonus, it points to your “primary” eco bonus being massive. Mayans’ vils are nerfed to counteract their bonus.