Should Serjeants be able to repair siege?

Serjeants are viable in feudal and in imp, but rarely seen in castle age (maybe except on arena). Would a buff to their utility in the form of being able to repair siege make them more viable in castle age?


It would make them positively more obnoxious, as siege that is being repaired by villagers is already quite hard to defeat, so if on top of that the “villager” has more HP and no less than / armour…

Also sergeants are not interrupted by 1 damage.

I do think sicilians could benefit from a siege buff but a tiny one.
Maybe villagers could repair faster (they already build castles faster) or their rams and siege towers could have more carry capacity (like their transport ships), although this last one could lead to crazy castle drops in arena.

Or anything buffing their backline.
Now they have finally a viable frontline unit, besides I think malian champs are still better, but opposed to malians their backline options are quite limited.

Optimally it should be something squishy with high damage output like the gbeto, but maybe less mobile so it needs to make use of the protection of the donjons.

And I would like to see it being able to be garrisoned in the donjons. It would be weird to have a unit comp where the armored frontline is able to hide but the squishy backline can’t… How should this work?

This would be a cool feature for them

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I was just about to post that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It seems interesting, for example drop a donjon early castle in the face of your enemy and then drop a siege then make Serjeants, with Donjon in the back to protect and with Serjeants to build another donjon and to fix siege at same time this would be interesting, at same time keep boom and make stone to drop a castle with 100% faster build then research the UT with 5 TCs then flood the Serjeants, yeah it would be a perfect mastapizza.

Keep in mind that this mechanic could be balanced with steeper repair costs/penalty, longer repair times than villagers etc…

I think both would be needed since otherwise this mechanic could get out of control quite quickly regarding the fact that they are a lot more tanky than a villager.

But if this gets balanced well I really like the idea.

Also I would love if Donjons would give +5 pop space. But that’s another topic I guess.

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To test it out can keep the normal rates and balance from there -
This could be where they could excell especially in late imp to bring their late-game up to par

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