Should siege towers get a discount?

I brought the idea up on reddit last week and the most popular answer was 20 off both gold and wood. There was some other randow answers and one who was annoyed i did add a no change option. There is way better polling here so i would like to open this topic for discussion here.

If you could change the price of siege tower what would it be?

  • 190w 160g
  • 200w 150g
  • 190w 150g
  • 180w 140g
  • No change needed
  • Other price in comments
  • Just show me the results noob

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So i think a super discounted tower would be to good but at the same time its to expensive to use before it is effectively useless because it would be easier to castle down the wall or other options. So lets hear what you all have to say on the topic.

I would rather see a change on how the Siege towers work.
It only goes one way. And what do you do if the opponent has 2 layers of walls?

It can be as cheap as rams imo.


Two way would be cooli wonder how many times you would use it though?

Thats not a bad idea as it is a kinda ram alt

Siege towers should be used as unexpectedly as possible.
When your soldiers have crossed the wall, the opponent should no longer have a chance to build the second layer.
When you see that your opponent has pre-built the second layer, don’t try siege towers

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Siege towers should block arrows. Just need to increawe their height stat a bit and slightly change projectile type.
Rams, can block arrows from buildings already


They should be changed in more then one way.
They are way to fast when they are full of units, which basically turns them into APC (Armoured Personal Carriers) and not a siege unit.
They are faster then a Ram and also carry more units, both combines is too much.

How about reducing the speed boost from garrisoned units, or even remove it, and then reduce the cost a lot.

  • Base speed 0.8 → 0.7
  • Bonus speed 0.05 → 0.025 per unit
  • Max speed 1.3 → 0.95

I think it couldn’t cost Gold at all.
Just make the cost 200W. They can’t attack by themselves and Transport ships only cost Wood too.

Maybe split it up unto 2 units.
Siege Tower and Elite Siege Tower that has more HP, armour and garrison space.

Stats Siege Tower Elite Siege Tower
Cost 200W 200W
Hit Points 150 220
Melee armour -2 -2
Pierce armour 100 100
Base Speed 0.7 0.7
Speed bonus 0.025 0.025
Garrison 5 10

Now the unit is more useful for it’s intended purpose and not for “meme” tactics like carrying Gbeto around.

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I’ve seen a few times Slavs siege towers + longswords paired with Bengals or Gurjaras armored elephants to storm the opponents in the Arena.
Strictly speaking, it’s not just for memes.
As long as it’s used unexpectedly, the effect is usually good.

Walls being nothing but a barrier, instead of having some soldiers on the battlements, already make the siege tower borderline useless as it was used to directly fight the soldiers on the battlements.

Some siege towers had a top floor with archers, to get a vantage position over the walls, and the original design for the siege tower in AOE2 HD fired arrows. Maybe going back to that, on top of troops transport, would make it useful


These both changes mixed sounds good to me:

Cost: 200W
TT: 40 sec
Hitpoints: 250
MA: -3
PA: 100
Speed: 0.6 / 1.1 (garrisoned)
Capacity: 10 / 20 (with Siege Engineers)
Attack: 3 (only with vils or foot archers garrisoned up to 3 arrows)
Range: 7

The point is make it a little more bulky, slower, capable to attack with low dps but long range (only when garrisoned) to avoid enemy vils walling behind.
Could be usefull to deny wood-lines.

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If garrisoned Archers add an attack (like TC) and the unit only costs Wood, isn’t that a little to powerful.

So either remove Gold cost or add a range attack, not both.


Fair, but the attack base would be very low… 3 base attack is the same as Elite Skirm (and without any bonus)… 5 with castle age full BS upgrades (you 'd need 17 shots to kill a vil)… For a unit that cost 200 W (plus the garrisoned units)… That doesn’t sound powerful imo. The arrows just give you the chance of avoid re-walling, which is the nemesis of this unit’s mechanic…

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Mobile towers seem a bit to op for me. Imagine having a few MMA or longswords getting cleaned up before then can deal some damage or stopping vills from biilding a second wall

Or you could stack 3 or 4 and tank tc fire with your light cav back up

None of these. It’s cost should be 150w, 75g or 50g IMO

That’s the goal… at least siege tower player can try to micro snipe the vils and make some damage… otherwise, the defender pay not any cost for defending herself.

Stack 3 or 4 would be expensive… 800 W.

There would be a lot of balancing to make as it would be remaking the siege tower from the ground up.

Maybe giving scorpions a bonus against siege towers, which would make them more useful than they currently are ? In Medieval II, ballista towers are a game changer to defend against them.

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