Should some future campaigns be released as standalone with patches, like they did for the Egypt and Babylon campaign?

A lot of people including myself would like to see all the pre-existing civs get their own campaigns, but if we were to go down the adding them to DLC route, it’d be hard to shoehorn some of the civs into DLC given regions already covered that wouldn’t require new civs.

These civs, for me, are:

Vikings - Not sure who else could be added to Europe who they would fit in alongside

Magyars - See Vikings

Turks - Although a Suleiman the Magnificent campaign would fit in with an African DLC

Japanese - Could fit in with a Pa.cific/ themed DLC (not sure why that got filtered out)

Koreans - See Japanese, if Koreans don’t get such treatment

Romans - They’re kind of in a unique position really

It’d be great if the devs did something like this, every occasional update/patch giving us a new campaign. Most people buy DLC for the new civs and a surprising amount of players don’t even play the campaigns, so maybe that could justify doing it for free.


Because the people who set the filters have no idea what they’re doing.

If you break them into Danes, Norwegians and Swedes that’s pretty much a DLC.
Otherwise if they’re gonna add Saxons, split Celts and Britons into Scots and Welsh.
Or even for when they’re gonna rename Slavs to something like Rus or Rhutenians and add Wends so there are many possibilities…

If it’s more about Hungary they could get a campaign when Turks get one in a DLC adding vlachs and Albanians. Magyars properly with Croats and Avars.

Same as above, Dracula needs a civ and that’s the ottoman period. If it’s more about Seljuks they could get it when breaking Saracens maybe?

Kinda of isolated civs right now but they can simply get their campaigns together with Chinese either when they split them or when they add jurchens and Tibetans. To split Koreans and Japanese too to me wouldn’t be crazy (like China they both had a lot of civil wars with different factions fighting for power, in case of Japanese that’s one of the few ways to not transform their campaigns in mirror matches) but people would hate it for sure.

They could add Vandals and Lombards and a Roman campaign would fit in. Vandals in particular are sorely missed imho and they would be a very unique civ with a very varied campaign.

Are you saying Dracula should be an Ottoman DLC? Why not add a Wallachian civ?

No no of course Dracula should have a Wallachian civ, what I meant is that it would come in handy when finally giving Turks (and if they feel generous Magyars) their campaign too. They could add vlachs and either Albanians or Serbs I guess in the same DLC for something focused on Balkans vs Ottomans. At that point you’d only be left with what to do with Slavs…

Add romanians as a civi dracula change to them.slavs vikings gets own campaigns.

Add serbia/albania turks magyars gets own campaigns.

Add juchens koreans and japanese get own campaigns.

Add tibet china gets own campaign or dlc gets outright banned.

Add two civis from america and mayan campaign.

Rome is the odd one out.

I would like even a set of single map campaigns, maybe huge maps like Hammister’s Knights of the Round Table custom campaign.

We should also have more historical battles. Didgori, for one, now that the Georgians are coming.

Yeah, they were awesome back in Conquerors and Forgotten days. Such a pity its been a decade without any new historical battle in AOE2.


I think Bari should have been turned into a historical battle instead of kept as the Byzantine campaign. Maybe El Dorado as well.