Should some team bonuses scale with age?

To put forth an example, say that the Tatars had their team bonus as +2 LOS for Cav Archers in Castle Age, and then +3 LOS in Imperial. Or say that the Britons (who got their TB nerfed in the PUP) had their TB for 10% faster working Archery Ranges in Feudal, 15% in Castle, and 20% in Imperial. Or, as another example, say the Portuguese TB was changed to 15% faster research in Feudal, 20% in Castle, and 25% in Imperial Age. The list goes on.

I’ve always wondered why team bonuses never vary in effectiveness based on which age you’re in. This could be a neat way to help curb certain civs that might be too strong in team games, or to at least slow certain combos down in Feudal and early Castle Age.

The way I’d have it work is that the team bonuses would affect you based on which age you are in, not which age the provider of said team bonus is in. So, say you have a Briton ally who is in Castle Age, but you are in Imperial; you would get 20% faster-working AR’s while the Briton ally would only be getting 15%.

I wouldn’t do this for all team bonuses, but for certain civilizations it could be a good way to adjust them. But what do you think? Could this work, or is there some reason it wouldn’t?


Maybe it hast something to do with how Team boni are working, i once had the question why tteam boni dont toggle on/Off in diplomacy Games.
Someone explained to me that Team boni are like a “tech” that geht’s researched one time at the start of the game.

There’s no reason that TBs couldn’t be staggered by Age like some civ bonuses. Condos, for example, are an Age-dependent TB. Overall I like the idea as it allows for some interesting bonuses and gives greater control over balance than a flat rate. Re: the Britons example, I do kind of think the nerf was a little excessive, and something like 5/10/15 or 10/10/15 would have been better.

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Thought about that too.
Kinda strange that Team Bonuses are often limited to have the strongest impact in early game because they don’t scale.

And then there is the strange case of team unique technologies.
Some civilisations practically have a lot stronger team bonus then others because they get a second one in the late game.

I think it would be nice if every civilisation would have one team UT but that would be a massive balance change and we are kinda running out of potential bonuses to have.

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