Should Spanish hard counter Mesoamericans civs?

Like for example give Spanish units bonus damage against mesoamericans? Like plus 2 or something. Or some other bonus. That way we won’t have to nerf these civs, such as the Mayans if the Spanish hard counter them. The Spanish for example conquered the Aztecs with Cortez.

A side example: Late game Teutons hard counter Goths. (even in team games with trade)

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I believe Spanish already counter very well Mesoamerican civs, if they manage to get to post-imperial. FU Cavaliers/Paladins, FU+ Hand cannoneers, FU champions and Hussars, Bombard Cannons, Siege rams, Bombard Towers, strong vills, on water Uber Cannon Galleons, and so on.
The problem is getting there, isn’t it?
In team games it’s doable, 1v1…ouch. :face_with_head_bandage:


So perhaps give Spanish Militia more bonus damage against Eagles? So, Militia are even more one-sided against Eagles. Spanish monks convert faster against mesoamericans, and get a small amount of gold with each conversion.

Or something.

Historical accuracy should not be a thing when coming to balance.


No. This is a terrible idea from a gameplay perspective and would also spread the idea of Spanish just stomping the natives with their superior armament and thats a massive misconception.


Well they did stomp the natives with a superior weapon: smallpox. :scream:

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Yeah they should, meso civs are ridiculously overpowered anyway.

The Aztecs fought bravely to the bitter end. But it was ultimately futile. The Spanish also had native tribes to help them in their siege of Tenochtitlan.


Yeah plague and diplomacy were a more important weapon of the Spanish than guns


Cortez won because the Aztec politics were extremely fragile and everyone hated the aztecs, so they all joined the Spanish.

Thats why adding a bonus for extra attack against meso doesnt make sense and it would also be boring gameplaywise

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This probably just accelerated the inevitable outcome and offset the fact that the Spanish would’ve been largely outnumbered.
One cannot argue the Spanish weren’t advanced alone given the gap between their technologies. Anything else is just theorizing.

Even if Cortez was somehow defeated. It is likely another Spanish army with just arrive and finish them off. It was virtually hopeless.

Historical records says that less than 300 Spanish conquered Tenochtitlan with Cortez in command
It wasn’t even a conquest mission,it was more like a scout patrol from Cuba that ended the way we know
The key on Cortez was his strategic vision of making alliances with the enemies of the Aztec at the time
I know about the technological advances in their armor, gunpowder and maybe even war tactics but 300 against the Aztec Empire it’s more close to a Hollywood movie than historical accuracy


Maybe but theres evidence against such theories in the other societies that resisted the Spanish for hundreds of years despite not being comparable to the Aztecs or Incas. Spain was just very very lucky.


Yeah literally everyone hated the aztecs so it was prob easy

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Which are you talking about?

The Aztecs did themselves no favours by abducting people from other tribes and committing human sacrifice. It meant that virtually everyone despised them. But then again we don’t know if it’s true or not. Whether it’s Spanish propaganda against them or not.

The Spanish probably over exaggerated their barbarism for justification in their conquest.

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Theres a lot of different peoples through the americas that residted colonization but just as an example the Maya resisted until the early 18th century despite being a mere shadow of the classical era Maya and Mapuche and the Guaycuru from Argentina until the late 19th century

Tbh I think the Aztecs were pretty much bloody conquerors, and thats cool with me. They still did some really amazing stuff like building one of the greatest cities of the time above a lake

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Interesting, so that’s why Mayans are OP in aoe2 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: