Should the devs introduce a proper Code of Conduct

I am or i was a passionate aoe2 player. But the development that came into ranked games disturbed me a bit, so i stopped being that active.

Anyway there is and always had be a blurred line when it came to the definition of fun, especially in this game. And one thing i noticed is player still quitting in the first 5 minutes of the game or refuse to play. I honestly think that every map should be enjoyed and that this is one factor of the fun that makes this game. Other people for example think that fun would mean it doesnt harm if people wanna play only one map, or leave if they dont like the map. I honestly disagree but i think thats on the devs . But i wanna know your opinion. Do you think the code of conduct ( which i think is a great for it) should be updates to make it clearer or should it stay like this

I would like to hear your opinions in a civilized discussion

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I think people should be able to play the maps they want, but if they have been given a map they don’t like, I think they should try and play it to the best of their ability, without quitting early, as that ruins the experience for other players. I personally am perfectly happy only ever playing Arabia and Arena for most of my games, but I would never want to force the opponent to not be able to play on their preferred map if that’s what I get matched on. Basically, fun isn’t just meant to be for one person, and to view it that way is selfish.


This will happen unless you have a way to force people to play games they don’t want to play. For example, if someone only ever wants to play arabia, and they get a different map, what do you do? You can’t tie them up and force them to play. There are a lot of people who hate certain maps, so it’s not like you can kick out everyone who isn’t okay with all maps, either.

The game needs better incentive structure. Allow more bans, or set up a system where you can give priorities to maps.


But wouldt it be selfish to be entilted to one map only and discarding the rest of the maps without hesitation.

Because if its a teamgame then 7 other people suffer more from it and 3 especially which would be your teammates


I am not saying that one should have the right to play only one map. I hate arabia and arena, but I’ll play them if I get them like 1/8 -1/5 times. Not more than that. But I’ll get them far more often if I don’t ban them. More so in team games. That’s not good.

So, just add a priority queue. Allow players to rank maps or something.

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Honestly think priority queue wouldt be the right approach especially since they opend up the map pool for more variation

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Honestly think maybe a wider approach to get more acception for other maps aswell as the code of conduct to clearly state that it is punishable to leave and ruin the fun for others would help