Should the devs let Fishing Ships build walls on water?

Water maps are generally unpopular because if one side gets ahead, the war is basically lost unless you’re Portuguese and can avoid letting the enemy shell your Feitoria’s from the coastline. Part of it is that there’s no way to stall the enemy from attacking your fishing economy except to send your own warships against them.

I believe there was an article somewhere that said the devs originally tried letting ships build walls on the water, but they dropped this feature because testers kept walling in enemy Docks with it. I doubt that’d be as big of a problem these days, as the devs could restrict Sea Walls to require Feudal Age and could make them vulnerable to Demolition Rafts.

And while there aren’t historical examples of sea-based walls being built, it doesn’t need to be historically accurate (for instance, how do the Aztecs have a navy?). I think historical accuracy could be set aside for the purpose of gameplay balance.

So, for the sake of discussion, do you think Sea Walls should be added into the game at this point?

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In the current state of water, killing the enemy fish is like 90 % of all motivation to make war ships in the first place.

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Nah, definitely no reason to do sea walls. As you said, docks would get walled. And once you control water you could essily dot walls so they cant drop more docks on certain maps

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