Should the price of the second landmark building in China's Song Dynasty be reduced?

I think the price of Chinese civilization entering the Song Dynasty in the feudal era is too high. I sincerely hope you will participate in the discussion.


I think if you want to play Chinese civilization well, you’d better have two TC after entering the feudal era and build a military building at the same time, which is conducive to defense, so as to give full play to the advantages of Chinese civilization. With two TC, the number of farmers has increased, and they will soon have the resources to enter the Song Dynasty. Make use of the characteristics of the Song Dynasty, and then continue to enter the castle age to reach the strong period of Chinese civilization. There are many tactical videos of Chinese 2TC on the Internet. You can find them and watch them.


I think the crossbow of the Song Dynasty will generally gain an advantage only when the enemy is in the feudal era. The high price of 400 food and 200 gold and two TCs will lose the opportunity to use the crossbow.

Zhuge Nu will be cheaper so you can mass more with Winter Update.

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I also look forward to the balance update in winter. I hope this will satisfy more players.

Zhugenu has no advantage at any time… The resources needed are not cheap, and the actual use is not as good as an archer. Don’t use zhugenu. It’s better and cheaper to use archers instead.

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