Should the Shinobi get an anti-Infantry multiplier now?

So the Shinobi have always been a weird unit, a Light Infantry with no multipliers (and thus could be seen as general-purpose). It was the closest thing to the Zouave before the Zouave was released (and later the Papal Zouave too). However, in the big Light Infantry nerf patch 3 months ago the Shinobi was given a large negative multiplier against Heavy Cav (but the Zouaves were not). This implies that the devs think the Shinobi should fill a less general-purpose role in combat, perhaps as traditional anti-heavy or KotM-style anti-light infantry? Either way, with the big nerf recently I was thinking they might be doing poorly enough on the battlefield that a little tip in the other direction would help, maybe by giving them a multiplier against heavy or light infantry (or maybe both?) to match their lowered damage against heavy cav. Their description does say “Good against infantry” after all.

What do y’all think?


At one point if they say “good against” Normally its a 1.5x to 2.5x. This was my expectation when i trained them. It is likely that they get the “good against” is due to the 20% RR which is kinda dumb. If a unit is strong it should at least have a high base attack.

Normal archers. Like Japan’s actual anti infantry the Yumi is at 1.75x vs Hvy. So yeah Shinobi is an oddity. It needs something to show its strenght.

wait, they gave shinobi a cav penalty?? WHY the unit was so expensive it never was even close to an issue and breaks even with most infantry :broken_heart: