Should the Spanish receive a buff?

Whenever I random Spanish I feel like I am playing the most boring civ in the game. Yes they have a great tech tree, but that is essentially it. You are basically playing a full tech tree civ with faster builders and the gunpowder bonus only kicks in after you’ve built a castle or in Imp. Gunpowder is another slow unit line, making Spanish a super slow civ overall. What should they recieve to make them more competetive?
I was thinking of switching Inquisition and the faster attacking gunpowder, so at least you have menacing monks and missionaries when you hit Castle Age. Obviously Supremacy and the gunpowder tech could/should switch places.
What are your thoughts? :slight_smile:


The time has come to revert the nonsensical tower hp neerf.


The UT is fine as it is. Its effective is really strong, you can’t give it for free.

If you want to buff them, their monk in particular, just give them a bonus that grants them fervor/sanctity for free. That’s both a monk and a gold bonus.

Or give them the xbow (not the arb)

Another option would be to widening the gold-free techs bonus, like extending it to third row techs (like bloodlines) or trash line upgrades.

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Inquisition is a really powerful Unique Technology you really don’t want that to be a civ bonus.

Pff Spanish only need a tiny buff to the Conquistador and some midgame bonus, like the proposed Ballistics and Chemsitry not costin gold.


I was thinking something similar. Changing the blacksmith gold discount to all techs (not unit upgrades) except Monastery techs cost -50% gold. Or military techs (Bloodlines, Supplies, Careening, Shipwright) also doesn’t cost gold. This won’t affect Ballistic and Chemistry though.

Let’s be real Spanish feel bad just because Conqs are now weaker to skirms, and other civs got buffed. Otherwise they are still good at UU plays and saving gold if it’s what you like.

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They share also the fate of all civs with no early eco bonus. Besides the faster building is actually an indirect eco bonus, but it’s more helpful in the mid game. After devs nerfed all kind of defences, civs with bad eco have just probs.
Of course the conqs nerf has an impact, too. But I think it’s just the bad eco. I remember the time where spanish were considered one of the best knight rush civs. Maybe there’s a way to push them back to that identity?

Cause conqs still can be OP in certain maps and sits.

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I’d say this is the key. Having weak early eco was always a disadvantage on open map but the nerfing of defensive play on top is a bit too much.


There is also issue with Spanish dont having Crossbow. Their any hipotetical archer play cannot be followed with anything, and towers get nerfed, defences get nerfed, so they are forced to play Scouts, and they also arent anything special. And with Conq nerf, they also get hit in Castle.

What about:

  • Military buildings build 30% faster. Economic buildings build 60% faster.
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which do you classify the tc as?

just classify it as tc… with things like “Leitis Armor” existing in the game, should be possible to do

Eco building of course.
Right. Douche. Or Nomad.
It should exclud 1st TC.


see bzhydack got what i was saying.

What I said was basically to classify it as neither, exclude it from the bonus. I guess I could have made it clearer by mentioning nomad.

But TC have to be included, because if we want Spanish have good Castle Age, they need to have good Boom.

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having tcs build faster is fine. as long as its not the first.


honestly not so sure - but it can be nerfed later if its too good

On a civ that has no xbows?

It would be a wasted bonus in my opinion…

Supplies, arson and BL would be the only ones that have an impact, and only BL would be really worth, to save a bit of gold when aging up into knights.

Including the dock techs wouldn’t hurt either, since they aren’t that good on water maps.


Or more simply, all buildings that have a stone cost (castles, TCs, towers) stays at 30% faster building speed.

All other buildings (the “wood” ones) are buffed at 60% faster building.