Should the Tupi give you poison arrows like the Inca bowman?

The Tupi natives have a technology called “Tupi poison arrow frogs”, and the descriptions states “Tupi technique for envenoming arrowheads. Archer attack increased”. I think that the new mechanic from the Inca bowmen that lets you poison your units should apply when this technology is researched instead of the 10% increase in damage. I’m not sure if the Blackwood archer should have the poison arrows by default, but they can get them with the same technology or with their elite or champion upgrade. This would make Tupi a more desirable choice as an ally.

Flavorwise, both the ashaninka and the tupi both inhabit the amazon, although opossite sides of the jungle, but still, the technique of using the poison and not just an increase in damage should be at least considered. What do you think, and can you think of an example of another native settlement that can benefit from new mechanics?


I agree, same should go for the Carib Blowgunner: ‘‘Short-ranged missile unit that fires poison darts’’

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Agree. Things and tweaks like this would make people care more about Naties … which is not the case right now

Answering my own post, I’d like the devs to consider this changes in this last few days. Mechanics like this applied to natives would make the game great!

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I would agree in principle but question: how would the poison mechanic apply?

  1. To respective native units only? (probably the most balanced)
  2. All archer units (probably the most unbalanced)
    2a. If so, how would it affect the Jungle Bowman and their relevant card?
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You could make the technology only apply to the Blackwood archers, or it could read “allows all archers to poison their arrow, and increase the time the poison is effective in jungle bowmen” or something to that effect.

the natives get the poison and more attack and
the normal units only get more attack

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