Should there be a ban system in AoE IV?

Hello community,
I have a question for you:

Should there be a ban system in AoE IV?
Please leave your opinion below and maybe we can have a discussion about this topic.

So I thought about this question for a while because of the many civilizations well will be able to play. I peronally love AoE III but there are just some civilizations I wouldnt like to play against because I know how strong they are. If you tell someone that in a game then they will get mad or leave.
I also play alot of League of Legends and it is similar there too. You have some champions who are just broaken. Riot games (creator of League of Legends) fix this problem with the pick and ban system in ranked games. Of course they have a lot of patches which are helping them to balance the game.

Still I would be looking forward to have a ban system for the ranked games in AoE IV what do you think about that ?