Should there be changes to naval units?

I would like to see what the community thinks about the status of naval combats.

Currently AOM goes by the old formula of only one ship (arrow ship) on classic age just like OG AOE2.
Meanwhile AOE 2 already introduced unparaded versions of the other ships as well on “Classic” (Feudal) age.
Should AOM do the same?

Also, the balance between ships and myth units is in a weird spot. On land, there is a hero, or dedicated units that counter myth (jarl), creating a Triangle counter system.
The only way for ships to counter myth units is via an upgrade that makes all ships good vs myth units, so you don’t really have the triangle of counters there (with the obvious exception of Poseidon).

How should, if at all you think a counter triangle should be created in water? Making the upgrade apply only to one type of ship, but with better bonus? Adding a new dedicated unit? Something else?

The best solution would be giving every civilisation some kind of naval heroes.
But it would be kinda boring if everyone just had one hero ship.

For Atlantians the solution is obvious.
For Greeks they could just all have at last one hero ship, Posaidon gets the best one or gets 2.

Not sure for Egyptians, Norse and Chinese though.

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Why narrow the naval hero options to just ships? There can be mythological (humanoid) creatures being heroes aswell and would make it more interesting IMO

You mean swimming heroes? Sounds kinda strange.
We already got a dolphin rider unit for the Atlantians though.

Anti Myth Myth units sound strange and unintuitive.
Also those would have to be Myth units that you can always build independent of Minor god.

It’s a shark rider but yeah I meant something like that. Or a mermaid character. Don’t have to be strong vs myth units or just myth units. Better than all having hero-ships in my opinion and makes it more versatile I think.

Maybe when norse garrison hersirs into longboats
they will get a bonus vs myth? (there will need to be some kind of visual change to distinguish it from normal longboat though)

Another option is, having a dedicated hero ship that is weaker than the Greek one, but with no build limit. It could also have some additional utility like generating favor/buffing/healing nearby ships, so this unit have some other purpose as well, even against opponents with no naval myth units (which is not that rare).

Is it really that unintuitive to put Odysseus in a ship? I mean the pathfinding on that unit would be awful but the combat makes sense to me at least.

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Agreed. That plus Jason and the Argonauts as ship heroes please :slight_smile:

Heroic Fleet has already made naval myth units kinda lousy against human ships. Plus there is already a Rock Paper Scissors system with the Hammer, Arrow and Siege ships. I don’t think a major overhaul is needed.

The Argo (the ship used by the Argonauts) is already in the game as the only Hero ship.

I agree there shouldn’t be such a big overhaul.

Thats the problem with heroic fleet- it provides a much needed counterplay, but in its current form it usually makes most naval myth units absolute.

The rock paper scissors system is good, but its not relevant for classic age with only one type of ship. That’s why I suggested the same treatment as aoe 2. (They added a weaker version of the other ships in feudal age)


Ah yeah I never use it so I forgot about it xD