Should there be Extra scenario in the coming DLCs?

Currently, DLC comes with the campaign of DLC civs and one existing civ. Which is great and should continue. However, I personally think an extra scenario that is related to the plot of the campaigns of the DLC can be a great addition.
For such a scenario, we can have the antagonist faction battle against the protagonist faction of the DLC. For example: in the Lord of the west DLC we could have had Robert Bruce leading the Celt faction as Scots against the English in one battle. In the Dawn of Dukes, we could have played as the Teutonic Order doing battle against Luthenians and gain a foothold in their land. In the Dynasty of India DLC we could have played as Gurjaras to fight against the Delhi Sultanate in battle to show why they weren’t conquered by the Delhi sultanate.
Basically in such scenario, we play as one of the factions we fight against in the campaigns. That way we can know more about the history and also understand the perspective of the other side. Besides it’ll be really fun to play as the villain/victim of the campaigns.


Well, I would certainly love to have more historical battles with a single scenario, but maybe not as formulaic as what you’re proposing. An unique scenario per DLC would be a bit frustrating imo.