Should they bring back tower hopping on Arena?

I noticed that gates never spawn on the corners anymore. I assume they did this to prevent gate hopping or players trying it if it was removed from the game. The gates are actually pretty nice because having a gate in the middle of your walls in arena is a lot nicer than on the corner but now players cant tower hop anymore. I think it would be worth putting gates in the corners to bring back this strat. I especially feel really bad when my opponents try to tower hop me and it doesn’t work because they don’t realize that you needed a gate. It feels like the game is gg before it began. In my opinion the more strats the better.

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I wouldn’t call abusing such very unintuitive glitch a “strat”.


Your posts are specially amusing.

I miss forced desync in games. It was a legit strat (otherwise, why would it be in game and players who did it weren’t punished?) but now is harder to do. I feel bad when my opponent tries to desync but ends up disconnecting from the game, thus giving me a free win.

Exploiting bugs != strat. I’m glad this isn’t possible anymore.


Yeah I’m still wondering if this was just a troll post is why I never originally even responded to this.

Well, as someone who only really wants to play on Arena it sucks when they try to tower hop me and it doesnt work. Its like a waste of my favourite map

not trolling I genuinely believe tower hopping was a legit strat on arena. It was good for when you both went random and you had a really bad civ and wanted to try to end the game fast