Should traders drop some of their gold when killed?

In my opinion trade is very strong in the current version and i dont see a conventional nerf like upping the price of the traders or lowering the payout to be a healthy option atm.

My suggestion would be to make the traders drop half or some of their purse when killed to still make it a viable option to play trade but making it more risky.

Would be fun to try it out and see how it changes the gameplay and decision making, perhaps the mongols will hesitate more before leaving their trade line unchecked.

Whats your toughts?


It’s interesting mechanic but it would be very punishing. This means loser lose more and winner win more…

No because traders are a expensive invest. If u lose them it hurts but if enemy gets half of that gold too u will never recover from that I guess.

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This is an interesting attempt to prevent players from abusing the trade mechanism to obtain gold. Maybe it is not necessary to drop 50% gold, but only 15% gold or something. Maybe some special civilizations like Mongolia can loot more from merchants More gold, or you can get more through research and development of technology later.

I like this idea. A big part of why trade makes such a difference in lower tiers, is because people are unwilling to try to either go into it or kill their enemy’s traders.

For those players psychologically, killing their traders means you aren’t hurting their villagers, military production buildings, or their military. It is also scary to send out few units when those could make all the difference if a battle were to happen.

What you are suggesting is giving an incentive for players to more actively deal and think about trade. Not only would killing trade be an optimal play to wound your opponents economy, you would be getting gold from doing it–which could fund your army.

Mind you, historically, this fits right in. Wars were never just people thrown at each other and funding was always the biggest issue. Someone noted above, that it is a dangerous idea as it leads to the “winning more” type of situation. And while I see the logic, I don’t necessarily agree. If a player blindly trades and immediately loses them, that should be on them.

On the other hand, trade can easily be reinforced and guarded by most civilizations. One of the major complaints about trade, is how easy it is to setup as well as having few repercussions. This would effective tackle both sides, making players take trade defense more seriously as well as benefiting attackers rather than just frustrate them. Resources spent on defences or to protect trade are resources not spent elsewhere; and if you are ignoring traders still, then it is on you for ignoring literally walking sacks of gold.

I don’t even think 50% would even be too much, as that money would’ve been going to the opponent anyways. And it’s a one time type of reward, unless the opponent keeps sending in more traders blindly into the void for you to eat.

Yea, I think this is great.

I think traders are already almost mendatory to deny or you will lose. People who dont go for it just forget or dont know how. So i dont think thats helping

And mandatory they will stay. Trade is unfortunately deeply ingrained into the game, and I think introducing bigger repercussions to trading sloppily is necessary.

Additionally, creating a positive incentive. By destroying their traders, you get some pocket change that will further help in attacking.

What you said about individuals forgetting trade is probably not the case for all of them. Trade just happens to be another thing to do and remember, it is scary for these lower ranked players, and difficult to justify more APM to either start trading or attack them yourself.

Remembering that they can seek out traders for extra pocket money, like seeking out a gold node would make the act of destroying trade feel less like a stressful diffusial of a bomb, and more like a cheeky way to mine some extra gold. Those that can’t remember that trade exist will remain unaffected.

I think there should be a reward for killing traders so that they are not that gamedesing, i sugest 50% of the gold that the trader is “holding” should go to the person who killed the trader to incurage trade raiding.