Should Trush and palisade wall griefing be nerfed?

So people can run up and wall off resources using palisade walls. There is a tactic with the berbers that makes this even more insanely effective.

That said… why is this a thing? This strategy takes 2 wood to do, and 1 villager. There is no risk of being countered here, and no investment. You send 1 villager, you wall off opponents gold or stone, and if vil dies, no loss. If palisade wall dies big deal it was 2 wood. Vs, you send 3 men at arms that takes 120 food and 45 gold. Yet the palisade walls are more effective at ruining the opponents economy.

At the same time, palisade walls are too weak from a defensive standpoint. They honestly are paper vs any castle age or even some feudal age units. But you rush with palisades and you can delay that from opponent by 3-5 min if your good.

Then there is the towers. Also a highly toxic build that does not look at all like how defensive structures should be used. At the same time, towers are also too weak defensively, and its kinda sad that they are balanced for their use by Trushers.

Here is a thought. What if the construction time or cost of the towers and the walls (both stone and palisade) were modified by their relation to other structures? For example, if you were building towers or walls near your town center (within an arbitrary number say for example… 30 tiles) then the cost or construction time of the tower was reduced? If out of range of your town center but in range (say 10 tiles) of a lumber or mining camp or some other non military structure, then its only somewhat reduced, and if not in range of any buildings, then the cost and/or construction time is increased?

Not a fan of this. Offensive play should be encouraged if anything, as Walling and defending in the early game is still extremely meta


trushes are generally pretty weak in current meta. Towers got a big nerf when DE came out. Then the two main trush civs Koreans and Incas were slapped with big nerfs. Trushing still possible, but it’s not very strong

losing a villager early is actually quite a big loss
plus the walking time

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I vote no, it shouldnt be nerfed. have a nice day


Wall nerf and Tower buff seems appropiate

NO. This is a strat that isn’t that easy to pull off, I do it from time to time, it’s easy to repel. Just scout more, more apm, my dude.

I think it’s nice to wall in berries. A nice little garden.

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Trushes are already nerfed to death. They aren’t common at all for that reason. If something needs to be done with towers, then is it a buff.

Your enemy need some luck to do so and sacrifice a lot of eco.
He need to find you and your gold early which means his sheep cannot be too far from TC.
All of your gold need to be forward and far from your TC
He need to research loom early or his villager might die to wolf. This is 1 villager behind you.
The villager he sent to you can be considered as idle so here is another villager behind.

Now you can see that wall off resources is not that easy as you thought.