Should Uhlan cost 1?

Honest Question Should Uhlan Cost 1? I don’t really understand the point of Uhlan’s point, they have higher damage but due to the lower HP most of the time they are killed before they can do any serious damage. I don’t know if in standard they are good enough but in treaty, even with all the upgrades, they are a pretty weak unit or at least that’s what I usually see. Keep in mind I’m not good at micro so maybe it’s probably my fault but I’d like to know your’s opinion guys and if you also think they should cost 1.

Cost 1 what? population?

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No they should maintain their current pop. Germans pop-capping is one of their flaws that keep them balanced.

Indeed, Uhlans would be poor cav in treaty. However in the real game they are very useful for raiding settlers, disrupting eco, annoying the other player, and doing other cav duties when carefully microed.

Germans are cited as the second hardest Euro civ to play for a reason.


yes i thought it was implied

The thing about uhlans is that you receive them for “free” with every shipment, so making them cost 1 pop would allow you to field bigger armies earlier as your pop isn’t filled as fast. That could present some balance problems, but could work with some tweaks maybe?

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I assume you mean 1 population, but I’d say definitely not. Would make them way too strong. You get them for free so it would be a huge boost to early game due to being housed less, but also a huge boost late game by making them spammable.

Germany is already a top tier civ, no reason to buff them more.


This thread is fascinating.


Germany is quite a powerful civilization and I think they should stay as is, uhlans come with every shipment and if they were 1 pop Germany would be able to mass incredibly well and it would probably be overpowered if they costed 1

If you compare uhlan with 1 pop cap cossack , you will notice that uhlan has access to more cards to get stronger & since they come with almost every shipments , it will be something OP .

I’m glad you are enjoying it

Okay, Uhlans fall too easy against counter, when I am in third with Germany I try not to make Uhlans because they die immediately, because it is obvious that your rival knowing that you are German will always have anti cav in his army, the problem of the Uhlans is that as they have little life they fall brutally, and if you are wrong, you have already killed them quickly. It causes me a bit of a headache the issue of the population due to shipments, I think it is unfair that a German has to spend the entire transition to second class collecting wood, in addition to what happened with the politician of the 400 wood I still stay Short in wood due to the population issue, It is time for AGE3DE to use decimals in the population cost, in total it no longer makes sense that there are troops that do not cost population and troops that cost 3 in a single unit, The ulano should cost between 1.6-1.8 of population

Yeah the insane Pop cost for german shipments is what keeps them in check, i mean if u go standard with 3 Settler Wagon and 2 uhlan thats 1 house for only ur first shipment in age 2.
What i could see maybe for tr is imperial uhlan make them 1 Pop, what do you guys think?


I was thinking why not add a card age 4 that reduce Uhlan pop cost ? It would be mainly for treaty purpose


Uhlans are perfect units :ok_hand:t2:
Just use them with enough caution & you will see they will shine . ( use them to raid vills & slaughter them in second - use them against enemy skirms - use them with artillery & war wagon supports - … )
About treaty : its good idea to give them a card that reduces their pop cap to 1 in industrial age or implement 1 pop cap for imperial upgrade.
But I say again they are very good units right now :+1:t2:

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Who do you think is harder then? Germany is pretty hard to play. Or do you could Sweden and USA now too? Now nothing about USA but Sweden seems still essier

I refer to the old physical tech-tree that came with AOE3. It listed the European civs ranked from easiest to hardest to play (from Ensemble Studios perspective).

Spanish → British → French → Portuguese → Dutch → Russia → German → Ottoman

Obviously their rankings are very debatable.


Wich is the first hardest euro civ to play? Spain?

PD: sorry now I read the last post…spain the easiest? Lol

Otto is easy… Spain need micro and good times, is expert in cac and use many units… yes, is debatable

Plz press the button for traslation:

España, Francia e Inglaterra me parecen civilizaciones ideales para aprender a jugar porque son basicas y versatiles, pero no son precisamente faciles de usar competitivamente.
España requiere de tiempos perfectos para sacar ventaja a sus envios, tienes que manejar muchos tipos de unidades a la vez, no como otras civs que utilizan 1 o 2 tipos de unidad, y es especialista en el cuerpo a cuerpo (necesita mas micro aún).

Francia necesita siempre explorar y adaptarse al oponente y contrarrestarle. Aunque esta si me parece una de las civs mas faciles de usar. Y sus vills son mas resistentes. Y al final de juego tienen una buena economia. Porloque no debes preocuparte demasiado por los picos de poder.

Inglaterra es sencilla y ademas fuerte en 2 edad, pero el manejo de su economia me parece un poco mareante para un jugador nuevo, requiere micro y control de los recursos para el boom de casas/creacion militar.

Otto con la creacion gratuita de vills es facil de usar, puedes concentrarte mejor en el micro militar. Y puedes aprender rapido un rush basico o un ff fuerte.

Plz press the button for traslation

For me is

Ottoman → French → Portuguese → Dutch → British → Russia → Spanish → German

I dont understand why germans dont get hussars while france does. Any reason??

Uhlans play a slightly different role than hussars, while hussars are designed to tank and let your high damage output units like musketeers do the damage, uhlans ARE the high damage output unit, and it makes sense tbh, Germany has no access to hussars because most of the ranged units Germany has are not high damage output, so it actually makes sense to have the uhlans, uhlans counter skirms and artillery better than hussars, while being worse at everything else (except killing villagers of course) also uhlans are cheaper and you get some of them with your shipment anyways.

I know that but france can train cuirs and hussars while german only can train uhlans, the same for spanish.
That civs can train hussars having a unique cav unit.