Should upgrade cards affect units or unit tags?

In the original game there were cards that affect specific units (e.g. musketeer/grenadier attack) and unit tags (e.g. ranged infantry attack), and those that sound like applied to unit tags but actually affected specific units (e.g. German long-range infantry hitpoints, only affect crossbows and skirmishers; Portuguese gunpowder infantry cards, only affect musketeers and cassadors, except the team card). However there weren’t that many units in vanilla, so there was not much difference.

But now much more units have been added, and mercenaries started to become more viable. Also, several tech-related tags have been added (e.g. musket infantry), so that team cards are no longer listed to affect a whole bunch of units. Shouldn’t those cards be standardized to affect those tags, so that mercenaries and native units also benefit from them?

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i think mercenaries shouldnt be affected, since they have high base stats and it would make them hard to balance

yes they should, for the sake of clarity and consistency, just like all units should have age 2 base stats.

however I dislike how much power cards have over unit stats compared to vanilla. increasing their stat bonuses by 50% or more was bad change and I hope it gets toned down and units who need the buffs get it in their base stats instead.

this already happens with some cards and not others. what your suggesting would mean all cards should not affect them instead.

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That’s another direction: none of them affect mercenaries.

i dont know how much it is a problem in the english version of the game, but in german it can be very hard to distinguish between unit buffs for your troops and native buffs, if you are playing as Inca or any other tribe. If i hadnt played vanilla before, i couldn’t tell wich card buffs my regular units and wich effects “native troops”.

So i agree, that the effects of cards need to be more intuitive/easy to understand, since no one wants too read half an hour to understand the card hes choosing. (another example would be “false” icons: Haudenosaune, age 4 card, icon shows cannon with number 10 → u get 5 rams and 5 shields)

Readability is partially improved. Some cards/techs used to show they affect a whole list of units, now they affect “musket infantry”, etc.

What I’m thinking is that as we already have finer tags, why not standardize the cards to affect these tags.

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yeah, didnt remember that ^^