Should Vikings get +1 atk on archer line?

According to Ornlu, the preview shows +1 atk on Vikings archer line. (at 53:18) It seems a joke on previous change of losing thumb ring, turning Vikings to archer civs.

Archers with less accuracy and firerate. I think it adds a bit of flavor to the tech tree.

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Is it +1 damage for free or behind a new imperial UT ?

Behind a UT is fine for me. We want to avoid a Viking fast imp too strong but we also want to give them something else than Berzerks/Champions in the late game. And a UT would do that


Its behind their IMP UT, the old UT is now part of the elite upgrade.

I honestly dont think its that much of a difference; vs pala and skirms they will be pretty good, vs most other targets their DPs should still be below generic.


Is it a real patch ?? I cannot find the news about his patch…

No it’s a public preview patch.
It’s not live yet, but you can try it out on steam.

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Thank you. Do you have a link please ?