Should we remove the ability to see the enemy civ and in-game score at the start of the game(and for the whole game for score)

After seeing such things in aoe4, it would be interesting for this to be implemented in ranked and as an option in lobbies.(except for spectators and recordings)


Yes, I have said it several times, and i even made a post about it…


I’ve read a lot of bad ideas here but this one might be new nr. 1 (removing civ visibility I refer to).


And there is a big reason why aoe4 has lost 75% of their active player base and viewer including the lack of real time scores, the score is a good tool used in the aoe franchise, it can be strategical and it can be hidden, you have options and that is the way it should always remain.


No. We should not lose it. If you don’t want it, just toggle it off, don’t force others to play without it.


Right, lets remove a strategic dimension of the game for the sake of… what? realism? Yay


OMg… these scores don’t add an strategic dimension… It is the opposite… Instead of better scouting o drop strategically some outpost you just have to se some numbers and speculate… It is so anti-gaming…


It should be an option for custom lobbies at the least. It’ll never be off for ranked. But if for some bizzarro reason it becomes off for ranked, then there ought to be a graphic, showing when a building is researching something, that is visible to all players so scouting things like Age ups are still technically possible.


Sounds very interesting. Why not implement both features as a test run for a week or two in the next update and see how it goes.
As several players already mentioned above, these changes might encourage more scouting and outposts


The score is also a really good indicator of who’s ahead, and considering that most people don’t really know how to use it properly, or can’t be bothered or don’t have time, it really should stay. It just seemed really wrong how AoE4 didn’t have any indicator of who was winning, so there is not really any good reason that AoE2 should remove a 20+ year old feature.


I can see both sides of the score debate. On one hand I want score to be able to see ahead, but on the other hand without the score other players don’t know if the the opposing team is ahead causing them to just quite and give up because the scores Of the opposite team are ahead


Why do you need to know who is ahead besides your perception about the match’s progress? Just enjoy the game and resign when you think you don’t have a chance. Again, it is anti-gaming…

Many times scores doesn’t really express how a match is going, or who is really ahead… Scores break the inmersion (don’t confuse with realism) and overlap with more organic mechanics of the game.

I don’t care if it is a 20 years old feature… The game evolves… And I am playing it since 1999


For AoE2 it can be a separate “blind” game mode, including what map it is, but for certain maps and matchups its rather necessary, such as TG BF/arena/hideout.

Eh. I prefer to keep it.

I would rather remove the “Player A has reached the Feudal Age.” message. That would make scouting WAY more important and it has WAY more information in it than the score.

Knowing the exact time my opponent reaches a new age tells me way more and I believe it would be fun if it was not the case and I had to keep my scout looking to see when building design changes or military buildings of the next age get added.


Why not remove both?

You can still deduce when the opponent clicks up by a drop in score. So it is very related.


To see score it’s great but the last digits are not good because it give information about when you change age and also it’s sometimes confusing to see this really big number.
Also it could be great to remove team score when there is no team…

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