Should we rework the Korean UU War Wagons just like Elephant Archers?

Just like Elephant Archers, I think the war wagons will be better as a regional unit to both Chinese and Korean civs. Give the Hwacha as UU to Koreans.

Elephant archers were a unit that were strong or even borderline OP on paper but still rarely got used, so the devs are trying to improve both the unit and the civ it came from by moving the unit around. War Wagons are fine. If anything they’re used a little too much.

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elephant archers were a flawed concept to begin with:
it was too expensive for how much damage it dealt
it was too squishy and slow for a meatshield (and in this case you dont make use of its range)

basically it was a unit that was mediocre at a bunch of things


There wasn’t a good usecase for it, and normally when that happens you just buff a unit until it’s relevant. But with such a strong unit on paper that wasn’t a good option. So they tried another way to find a usecase for it.

Either way it’s not a good model for the war wagon. War wagons see use.

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I think this would be way too strong, and the unit would need to be nerfed to oblivion and would ruin it. Leave it alone plz

Well. I don’t think it is a good idea.

The War Wagon is already a fictional product used to represent Hwacha Wagon. After learning how to makw and use Chinese firearms, the Koreans tried to imitate and improve, mounting the fire arrows to wagons to provide mobility and defense, similar to the wagon fort. They used this kind of wagons to defend against Japanese and possible Jurchen invasions.

For more accuracy, I would like to change its projectile from a big arrow to multiple normal arrow so it would be more similar to what Hwacha should fire. Going deeper, but unnecessary, is to change it from cavalry archer to cavalry + siege weapon.

Regional unit for East Asians? Not bad.
Perhaps the Fire Lancer for Chinese, potential Jurchens and possible Koreans and Mongols, an short-ranged foot archer or infantry unit with Grenadier-like effect.


war wagons are kinda balanced by belonging to a civ with mediocre economy. chinese economy with war wagons would be worse than vikings with bloodline knights

Trying to strike two birds with one stone here. First is to give Koreans a more accurate historical unit and second is to tweak war wagons as a regional unit. All your opinions matter, this is just an idea.

IMO the East Asian regional unit should be the Fire Lancer (except Japanese all other EA civs existing or potential could have this unit), and it should be a siege infantry trained at the Siege Workshop, with bonus damage against standard buildings and siege weapons.