Should You play mods and scenarios if you suck?

Anyone else here like playing non-standard games?

I personally don’t like playing the meta game much. I like to play scenarios, often with super rich resources and tight choke points. I even host resource mods and stuff. I personally find small scale fights boring. I like massive battles. Granted, I do play the meta game as well. Still, I like to play crazy mods/scenarios.

Some of the games I play even the nooby player isn’t totally useless since their villagers are gathering like 200 resources every 2 seconds from resources with one billion storage space each.

Well, I least did that when DE was working OK with mods. Not sure if it’s fixed. AOE 2 2013 seems to work fine for that sort of thing, but I wish it was fixed for DE.

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Yeah sure go ahead. Why not?

I beat a 2000 rank guy before in a scenario with super rich resources as a 1400-ish ranker. XD

Granted, it was 4v4. But still. Was fun for even low ranks to have a chance to win.

I’m baffled why anyone would spout something like this out loud. Normal game ranks have nothing to do with special settings. On top of it, if he was playing first time on that mode he was probably not prepared. And a 4v4 special settings, again has nothing to do with beating someone 1v1.

On the subject itself, you should play mods and scenarios if you like to play them and you enjoy playing them. That’s why I do it anyways.

I like to play campaigns, because those give meaning to my actions and variety. Each scenario is different, with different starting conditions, goals, environment, etc which keeps things varied and interesting. So I don’t need to learn/repeat build orders and playing feels more like playing, instead of work :slight_smile:

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What about death match? You start with lots of resources and it is all about the late imp. fights. Maybe you like it, maybe you dont like it. Give it a try.

You run out of resources and lack of defense. But yeah, it can be fun.

Should you play a single player game if you suck?

Seems to me that you can do whatever you well like if you’re playing a single player game, figure out how you turn this on 200 times for all it matters. Alternatively if you’re playing a mod online then as long as people will play with you, why not? Is there some kind of mod police out to get you if you don’t have 2200 ELO? The game’s about having fun.