Shout out to the Devs! - Positive feedback

Hey Devs and aoe community!

Just wanted to create a new thread in which people can comment the things they love and have enjoyed about definitive edition or just aoe in general. I ask that if anyone has anything negative to say, please post somewhere else, lets leave this as positive as we can and bond over the game we have fallen in love with.

A note, im a casual player so my opinion may differ from yours, but here we go!

  • Auto crops, enough said right? Before DE i was so focused on eco that during battles i would be constantly going back and forth to re-seed farms and wouldn’t focus on battles. This really has enabled me to improve other parts of my game and really enjoy the game better.
  • Patches; Definitely had the bugs i experienced fixed throughout them, thankyou! I love the nerfs/buffs to new civs and watching how the pros use the changes, how i can use them. Definitely has gotten me playing with more civs and enjoying what they all have to offer!
  • Ranked pool; when i was playing more ranked one element i enjoyed is that it exposed me to more maps i may not usually play and throw me into the deep end with them, ive embraced it and enjoyed it.

Lastly just a huge thanks to the devs that although plenty of negativity has been throw at you guys, so many of us love the game you guys made, keep putting time into, trying to improve and make better for us all! Thankyou all heaps!

More i could say but hopefully some people can continue below!


For sure. I wanted to do make type of thread a while back, to be one small counter so many negative threads, but failed to do so. I had still planned to, but, you know… procrastination. Thanks for bringing it to fruition, SSMShogun!

AoE2:DE has been awesome for me. I mean, yes, some issues I hope get resolved someday, and still some perks that would be nice to see (classic soundtrack option, to name one), but there are so many improvements over HD it’s unbelievable. (I don’t want this to turn into a feature-request thread, so I’m sorry for even mentioning one.)

I’m so happy this project got greenlit by Microsoft, and that the devs took the time and care to do great quality work; to help make AoE2 fun and relevant to play for at least another 20+ years. (Note: That’s no excuse to leave us high and dry now :wink: There’s still work to be done :smiley: .)

HD was showing its age more and more; which I never thought I’d see or get tired of, but it was starting to wear a little thin the past couple years for me. Injecting this shot of awesomeness into the game without making it feel like some other game was a wonderful feat and great timing for me, personally.

I shall leave it at that for now. Thanks again for starting the thread, SSMShogun!


The only counter you need is me.


I like the monthly updates
I like that they’re adding maps and cool features in said updates.


@Darkness01101 , What a game HD was, but i had to play the other day (a friend didnt have DE) and boy o boy did it hurt to look at and play! The gameplay just doesnt compare to DE for me. This game has grown so much, its a marvel to see.

Thanks for your positive commenst too!

@MSTRSup3rninja i might need some more detail on that one :stuck_out_tongue:


@FiveWind6951746 Which is your favourite of the new/less common ones that have rotated through the map pool?

I can post a topic everyone else disagrees on and still pull through with flying colors.

I don’t play online but I really like Four Lakes. Golden Swamp is pretty cool too.

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Yesterday during server maintainance they updated the team game match making. Now teams will be much more balanced! That is great new!


I really appreciate the forum management in general but especially the closed beta ones. All aroung good atmosphere and interesting discussions :slight_smile: ty devs for all the hard work <3


Every month’s update is a new surprise! :smiley: Thank you so much devs for your dedication to improve the game. Keep up the great work!


The game still has room for improvement but boy oh boy the game is so much fun and the devs of age2de are certainly on the right track
I love that you listen to the community so much
I love that the patches are monthly
I love that the devs seems to actually care about the community, not only about money
I love to see the civs changing on a regular base so the game feels fresh




totally agree! i cant imagine playing without farm auto seed now!


Now is more broken than before. Now it’s imposible to play a 3vs3 or 4vs4, the elo diference is too much.

Agree totally, they are doing an amazing job. With the CA team now on board, the game is just going to continue to grow.

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It was like 4x 1000 elo vs 4x 2200 elo. How can it be even worse? I have a look at the current team games and most of the games are pretty balanced i have to say. I

This is one of the most unfair games i could found. This is way better than just 4x 1000 elo vs 4x 2200 elo. The difference between the average elo isnt even that big. So even this can be a pretty even game.

In most games the difference in elo is without 200. In this example it is just 400. This is really exceptional if i have a look at the games.


I can probably find a hundred or thousand other threads your post could go in. Respectfully, this thread is about positivity. Otherwise it just distracts from the intended message and communication of thanks and gratitude to the devs :frowning:

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I’ve said this before in these forums, and I’ll write it again here as it fits in perfectly: as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve been playing the series (every single AoE game plus AoM) ever since I got my first PC in 1998, AoE2:DE is easily my favourite AoE ever. Easily. It’s essentially everything I wished AoE2:HD would have been when it was released back in 2013.

Keep it up, devs!

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I love AOE2:DE, especially the new content and all the great QoL features. Please consider adding new expansions in the future, I’ll buy them happily.