Show actual damage done by a unit or building against other units/buildings/ships

Can they show actual damage done by a unit or building against other units/buildings/ships like AOE3. It will be handy to see which unit is going to be more useful against a particular unit or a tower attack against ships/infantry/cavalry. Any thoughts?


Can you explain better? From what I remember, kills only counted as experience which showed as a floating combat text. If that’s what you mean, or are you talking in the unit card itself? Pike man 5dmg vs cataphract

I think he mean the units’ bonus damage which are not shown anywhere, only mentioned in the unit’s description.

I agree, they should rework the UI to display all details of a unit, including hidden attack bonuses AND ARMOR (Yes, there is a thing called Hidden Armor bonuses in AoE2, for example Building Armor).

This was highly discussed in BETA and as far as I remember, everyone agreed on it, sad that they didn’t implement it.


This is one thing I’ve always missed since I started playing Age of Empires (started with Conquerors), and then they implemented this is AOE3, which was good. I feel, now it should be there in AOE2DE too, just a little addition to the UI.

I don’t think this is an easy task, but yeah, it would be amazing if you could actually see all bonuses like in AoE3.

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This would be a welcomed addition for sure. My guess is the engine is already being pushed to its limits, hopefully it can be done though

There are lots of bonus damages or bonus armor between units. A spearman will have an attack bonus against cavalry but he doesn’t have it against a foot archer. Not even every cavalry unit takes the same bonus damage from spears. So there is no generall number of damage, that a unit deals to another unit, it varies depending on the opponent (and civ bonuses, elevation bonuses, …). So unfortunately, you can’t easily display those stats in the game.

I would like them to show those bonuses and stuff in the menu of the game though. So you don’t have to use 3rd party sites for research.