Show number of buildings in the building menu

in aoe4 the build menu includes the number of each building built in the menu. a similar approach may be helpful in aoe3.

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Why u need to know that?? I dont need to know that I have 30 barracks as China or India. No sense


yeah i agree, the buildings where this matter already show it.

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glad you mentioned China and India. rice paddies are one of the buildings that came to mind when wanting to know the number of them built. being able to tell at a glance how many of each building is up and running is quite valuable.

while you may not want to know if you built 30 barracks, others may want to. just as with score, game time, resources/min, hotkeys and control groups you can play the game just fine without them if you so choose. game still has no train/research time on its icons after all, and I wouldn’t want to force it on you. I would appreciate having the option to enable them however.

In aoe4 it has a bit of sense cause units are trained one by one, not the case for AoE3. About farms, you will have max 10 of them, also you can check how many vills you have in each resource. By the time you reach 99vills most of your farms will be in your base one next to the others, not hard to see, specially with asians you have a only one building to gather both resources

It could be displayed in the player summary or with a hotkey. More than everything in the treaty sometimes it is necessary.