Show Resource Trickles In The UI

When hovering over the resource bars, it should show the exact amount resources/second from all sources including trickles. hovering over the wood bar should show the amount of wood/second from trickles, villagers and factories.

XP income should show up from hovering over villager number bar, including passive trickles as well as from cards and churches.


Unnecesary, trickles are on HC cards description. Why u want to know that?? You will get it anyways. Same for factories. You know how much you are eaening, thats enough


Agreed, too much information doesn’t make for better UX.


there are sources of trickles that aren’t stated ingame, such as passive XP trickle or trickles from treasures. there is also no way to currently see the amount of trickle income when they are stacked or the total amount of trickle income earned in a game.

more importantly separating trickle, building and villager income allows more informed decisions based on income from these sources. being able to see this both ingame and having separate timelines for each income source post game allows you to make choices based on actual data rather than just feeling it.

being able to compare income from spice trade and distributivism, tulip speculation and royal mint, or salt ponds and chicha brewing in game allows players to replace guesswork and theory crafting with easily repeatable and observable results.

knowledge is freedom and lets you make optimal decisions by comparing your choices. while you may be satisfied with guessing which choice is better based on subjective experiences, others may want a more solid foundation to build their strategy upon.

it would be hidden behind hovering over the resource icons, which currently have no function, as well as post game graph options. it will have 0 impact on those who do not wish to see it.

This are described on cards’ info, trickles are like 2-3 vills while % upgrades are better with more villagers. Most cases sending a trickle is better to send it early than the cards are you talking about. This is the reason they are age 1 cards.
Also the trickles of banks and kanchas are described in their UIs.
About treasures, you will take it anyways, free resources are good everytime.
In short words, unneeded