Show to Relic your downvoted maps!

Hi people

Please use this survey to select your downvoted maps. You can also explain for which one you voted and why.

Show to Relic why the community hate these maps.

  • Altai
  • Dry Arabia
  • High View
  • Hill and Dale
  • Lipany
  • Mongolian Heights
  • Ancient Spires
  • Black Forest
  • Boulder Bay
  • Confluence
  • French Pass
  • King of the Hill
  • Mountain Pass
  • Nagari
  • Danube River
  • Water maps (Warring islands + Archipelago)

0 voters

In my case I downvoted High view, Ancient Spires, Black forest, Boulder Bay and Confluence

Black forest and confluence makes boring games
Ancient spires and high view is incredible buggy maps, in case of ancient spires the height makes units to stop moving and in high view the forest can lead to ultra dumb units with a lot of buggy and unrealistic feeling
And Boulder Bay since the land part is very narrow after playing many times this map I feel to play almost the same game every fkckng time