Show "unranked ELO" in the lobbies (huge improvement at no cost)

It’s really beyond my imagination why this hasn’t been done yet…:

  1. As we know, ELO for unranked games is already calculated by the game (see
  2. This means: Making the ELO visible in the lobbies would be a very low-effort improvement.
  3. Since it obviously would be very quick and easy to implement, I figure that the only reason why it hasn’t been implemented is lack of understanding why ELO in the lobbies is needes so badly… so I try to explain, even if I think that it should be very obvious:

Currently the lobbies are - quite frankly - a disaster. Since there is no way to know the skill level of the other players, literally 95% of the games will be very unbalanced. That’s simple mathematics.

Having visible ELO in the lobbies would be a huge step forward regarding the unbalanced games. From HD, where we have ELO in the lobbies, we know that the average game is much more balanced than in the DE lobbies. The reason is obvious: In HD, a team consisting of an ELO 1100 duded and an ELO 1200 dude would never play against a team consisting of two 1700 dudes. But in DE that’s exactly what happens.

Besides this, having visible ELO should also prevent the reckless quitting to a certain degree. In the DE lobbies, three out of four (and that’s the actual numbers in my experience!) team games will end within the first few minutes because some antosocial person just quits, leading to everybody quitting. I’m quite sure if it had a visible impact on their player profile, people wouldn’t quit that easily.

So it’s easy to see that having visible ELO in the lobbies would be a massive improvement at basically no cost.
Why don’t we have it yet? I simply don’t understand.


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