Shrivamsha vs Light Cav

Shrivamsha Riders are weirdly designed with their shield regeneration gimmick. Do you think it would’ve been better to buff the already existing Light Cav instead (e.g. extra pierce armor on Light Cav as civ bonus or UT)? Or maybe something else?

  • Shrivamsha Riders’ ability is cool
  • Hussar with high pierce armor sounds better
  • Neither option works

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A concept I’ve thought about would be to make it that the Shivamsha Rider decreases the accuracy for projectiles that would otherwise hit it. So for example, if the projectile would hit, it then has a 25% chance to miss or something like that. Would only affect projectiles like arrows and spears. Just an idea I had.

i think the shield not regenerating might also work: the first 10 projectiles miss, then normal damage. maybe with mango and BBC shots counting 5x

numbers are of course picked out of thin air

I think the answers are a bit reductive since both of them can theoretically work, but we already have light cav with extra pierce armour

My problem with Shrivamshas is that they are both badly balanced and make Gurjara hussars irrelevant

Disable shrivamsha to dodge projectiles except arrows. They should not dodge melee ranged projectiles, siege, gunpowder and GC. Other civs that have unit with high PA cannot fight those units either.

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I like the Shrivamsha Shield comcept. It beats having to micro your units against archers and mangos. It straight up counters them. They will be nerfed like steppe lancers. I think they’ll get a cost nerf of 20 gold after Indian DLC completes its anniversary.
Hussar is a late game unit when gold is a premium. So Light cav are not completely useless. All the upgrades done for Shrivamsha help them when they are made.


That sounds too much. They better get an attack speed nerf so that they don’t beat LC and Eagle. And maybe a speed nerf as well.